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When you have a moment, I recommend checking out a post on DNForum written by a user named “Aqua84” who has shared a personal success story from his short time in the domain industry.

From the post:

“So after a year of registering these “Great Domains”, I thought: Why don’t I focus on my own country extension. There were only 600,000 names registered in the domain space as opposed to the 95million .com’s registered. So, my registering journey began. Everyday I would register 10-20 names and continued on my registering spree for a while. Listing them on Sedo and parking them, things started to pay off.

I am getting frequent offers on my names as well as confirmed sales with the lowest to date being a minimum $1200.00. Parking revenue is a constant minimum $2000.00 per month and growing. Wow, What a change in mindset and pursuing the domaining industry. I have now built up a portfolio of over 2500 domains and have become an accredited registrar of the uniforum domain space. What a great achievement in the past 18 months.”

I frequently read comments about how it’s too late to make money in the domain industry unless you are very wealthy. I think there are plenty of people who don’t have significant amounts of money for their domain name purchases, and this post shows that you can make money investing in domain names, no matter when you got your start.

I applaud this person for his diligence in learning about different areas in which to invest, and I am very appreciative of his willingness to share his story. It goes to show that if you spend time learning about buying and selling good domain names, you can still make good money, whether you want to create a living or earn extra income.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “Parking revenue is a constant minimum $2000.00 per month and growing.”

    As someone who has done parking since the beginning of parking pretty much, this is highly suspect especially given he has names in and he is hand registering.

    This is really hard to believe.

  2. I’d love more details.
    The $2k/month Parking is from all 2500 names?
    Types of names?
    I Love Details. It Brings out Clarity in many businesses ….

  3. 2K per month on 2500 names simply means that he’s breaking even with parking.

    I don’t think such a claim is inherently suspect, it’s quite plausible actually, especially since he mentions switching from Sedodo to PC. Some parking cos are much better than others with international traffic.

    What I would like to know however is how the domains break down in terms of generics vs. brandables vs. borderline TMs vs obvious TMs.

    Quite frankly the quickest way to make money parking is to infringe on TMs, whether exact match, exact match + generic keyword or typos.

  4. Although I REALLY want to be inspired here as I LOVE these types of stories and work so hard every day to be the next one….. I smell fish.

    Just saying…. and if this is all truth… I genuinely applaud this individual and would absolutely join in congratulating him/her on their success.

    It takes some SOLIDDD names to generate $2k a month parked on Sedo, IT, anywhere for that matter, we all know that. Even if he has category killer’s. Because, if this is the case, I can register about 100-150 KILLER’s right now. I obviously am not going to do that.

    Good post either way

  5. I have not verified any of this, nor do I know the person who posted the success story.

    One thing is for sure though – others will always raise doubts about someone else’s success story πŸ™‚

    It’s always good to question things, but sometimes it seems that people would prefer to be skeptical than happy for someone else.

  6. He has 2500 (!) domains, making $2,000/month in parking revenue. The extension costs approximately $25/year to renew and he’s probably getting it a lot cheaper, so let’s say $15/year. That’s an annual renewal cost of $37,500. His annual revenue is $24,000. So, to me that looks like he’s losing $13,5k per year, less the names he’s selling off (which I doubt is many).

    No offense, but this doesn’t sound like a success story at all.

    There are still PLENTY of people making lots of money in the domaining industry, flipping names with real value, but most of those people like to keep a low profile. All the “success stories” I’ve read recently on forums and blogs are mostly simple, mindless bragging from some part-time domainer who has, for once in his career, made a decent sale.

  7. Stories like these will only make newbies keep hand-registering worthless domains and keep throwing their money in the toilet, when they could have spent those cash buying premium domains that actually has the potential to sell for 2x-10x the investment.

    • I know what a ringer is, but nobody asked me to post this and I don’t know who the poster is (as I mentioned). I can’t defend his statements because I don’t know him, but it’s nice to read a success story every once in a while.

  8. Let’s put it like this. Regardless of the fact they’re true or not, these stories have the only purpose to help you see things in a positive light, so let’s take it as an inspirational story like many others we have been hearing about since we discovered domaining.

  9. “One thing is for sure though – others will always raise doubts about someone else’s success story

    It’s always good to question things, but sometimes it seems that people would prefer to be skeptical than happy for someone else.”

    I agree here 100%, its one of the less desirable traits of the industry. Maybe it’s just a hard pill to swallow/story to read for those who really work at creating a business or passive income and know facts like this are false- 99% of the time. I really do hope the guy is doing well with his names, but regarding success stories, the forums may not be the place to look. Forums can be a valuable resource, I can attest to that as I cut my teeth on DNF and NP. Problem with forums is, people are bitter and snarky mostly with their opinions and peddling mostly garbage domains that they are taking losses on.

    (sidenote) I’ll say this to up and coming domainers, you want solid advice? Email a big name blogger like Elliot, Morgan, Shane, even the domain king himself- and they will answer you! Just dont be annoying and make sure you have a valid question and don’t expect an IN DEPTH response as these people are BUSY.

  10. Someone can start here by asking how many people have computers and mobile in this country? How much internet activity is there? That’s going to answer the parking revenue side. The names themselves. Maybe there is a hot market for them. I don’t follow the extension. Perhaps, someone who follows it can shed some light.

  11. For those new to industry, its a inspiring read…on the surface.

    For those a bit more to vet side, a bit more skeptical and analytical with a side of “your still in the hole”.

    Always nice to read a new take on the “Theres a hundred and one ways to domain”.


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