Stats for the 1 Millionth Visitor


My blog hit 1,000,000 visits this evening, as I projected in a post this morning.  Thanks to all for the good wishes. Here are some stats for the one millionth visitor to my blog:

IP Location: Seattle, Washington

Article Read: Yext Tags to Rebrand on an $1,800 Domain Name Purchased from BuyDomains

Referrer: Email

Time: 10:06 pm EST


  1. Congrats Elliot!!
    Hoping you’ll be as successful (if not more successful) with your next million, and you’ll get there a lot faster!!

  2. Congrats Elliot!!!

    This is no mean achievement. Quality always scores over quantity and your site is proof of that.

    Wish we can emulate the same in our site.

    Sai Pola

  3. google has no clue as to reading ‘logs’, I spent a month arguing with their ‘security’ team recently over FRAUD from the SAME IPS, after we pushed it through 3 levels of google, they finally realized, yeah, their software isn’t as good as top notch security/sem gurus that can tell you what the visitor had for breakfast who are click our clients ads

    on average 20%+ of all traffic is bots for most sites, if you have big traffic, less, but bots are a high percentage for ‘most sites’ so your maybe way less, but 1M is a nice number, even if 5% or 10% or 20% is bots

    1M is 1M no mater how you slice it, good job

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