Squadhelp is Reinvesting and So Am I

Squadhelp CEO Darpan Munjal shared a series of tweets about the growth of the platform. Darpan shared that revenue last month was higher than any other month and 60% higher than the prior month. Like other growing companies, Squadhelp continues to reinvest proceeds into the platform and marketing of the platform:

In April, I submitted a small group of domain names for consideration to Squadhelp. Some of those domain names were approved, and I slowly added domain names to my portfolio as I found some success. At the moment, I have a little more than 100 premium listings on Squadhelp, and I submitted 30+ more this morning.

I have had some success on the platform. Prior to this morning, I had sold two domain names on payment plans. One domain name sale was paid-off early, and the second was canceled after two payments. For the second domain name, I kept the proceeds (minus commission), and the domain name was returned to me and listed for sale on the platform again.

This morning, I achieved my third payment plan sale. I sold a domain name for just shy of $5,000 with a 12 month payment plan. I caught the domain name on the drop in 2020, paying $14. Even if the buyer opts to cancel the plan, the sale was profitable after the commission is paid.

Following the transfer of the domain name and payout, I submitted an additional 30+ domain names for premium listing consideration. I noticed I only had 10 coins remaining since the last time I bought them, and I reinvested some of the proceeds to purchase an additional 100 coins. For those unaware, coins are used to submit premium listings and to promote active listings. I will continue to reinvest my proceeds and add domain names to Squadehelp as they continue to grow their business.

Over the years, I have been asked to partner on numerous domain industry projects. I am a demanding customer, and I have high expectations for the company with whom I do business. I know other investors are the same. I also know margins can be pretty slim in the domain investing space, making it difficult to grow a lucrative business without investing a ton of money and / or time. There are a few companies innovating in the domain name space, and I applaud their efforts. It’s not easy to find success, but I am happy to grow their business as they help me grow my own business.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Gotta Quote Henry Ford here – “A reputation (brand) is not built on what you say you are going to do”. SquadHelp is fine, Munjal built the brand buy doing what he said he would do – help people.

    • People said the same thing about GoDaddy and they’ve managed to do okay.

      I don’t love or hate the brand name. I sometimes think “Squadhub” in my own head if I am being honest. That said, they’re closing deals so some paying customers don’t seem to mind the brand.

  1. I agree with BS. Their name is a really, really (really) horrible one and I, personally, refuse to patronize them as a domain reseller. They, more than anyone else should know the severity of making this newbie naming mistake. Like going to a barber with a bad haircut or a dentist with bad teeth. If they don’t take themselves serious enough to come up with a better name and fix the obvious problem that they know they have, who can possibly take them seriously? Not me. Also, there is a trust factor that simply does not exist when a company has such a dumb name. I will gladly give them a try when they decide to get serious and eat their own dogfood. Until then, I have no interest.

    • Idiotic comment. Some of the world’s largest companies have names that you’d question at first. What the heck is a “Google”? In the end, the name makes little difference to the service offered. “Imgur” is another. It really doesn’t matter as long as the service provides some value.

      • To be fair, the company original name was “Googol”, a single word which means 10 to the 100th power. When they went to register the domain name they accidently typed “Google.com” and decided to change the brand name to that.

  2. Arguing “the name makes little difference” seems to undercut the whole project & logic of Squadhelp.com being The World’s Best branding platform. Positioning is important! Premier descriptive names achieve perfect form. “If you think BRAND, think … (Brand Dad)” … or “Brandsy” or “ABC Brand”

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