Snapnames Seller Program Announcement


I received the following email on Sunday regarding changes in the Snapnames commission plan. While the commission plan is good news for higher value sales, names that only sell for the minimum of $60 will have the commission rate more than doubled. Instead of paying a $12 commission on a $60 sale (20%), we will now pay the new $25 minimum. With this in mind, I am going to have to reevaluate the domain names I submit for Snapnames auctions, as most of my sales were for the minimum.

“Hi Elliot,


  1. I do not see how this could be beneficial in any way. I guess to make a good roi you’ll need to set reserves at $99.

    thanks for the heads up,


    Update from Elliot: It is beneficial if you are selling higher value names. If you listed smaller, less valuable chunks of your portfolio that sell for the minimum, it will be detrimental.

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