Server Migration Today


I am in the process of having this blog moved to its own server. I am expecting the migration to be finalized at some point today. I am hopeful that no comments or blog posts will be lost, but I cannot guarantee that it will be a seamless transition.

I use Automattic’s Vaultpress for frequent site backups, so I should not lose anything, but you never know.  Just wanted to give you a head’s up in case you notice anything funky over the next several hours.


  1. I was considering doing the same but after some research came to the conclusion that running a dedicated server takes technical knowledge, well-beyond using a typical shared-server and enough for me to wait a while longer.

    Mind sharing what hosting company you’re going to be using ? Will that company or someone else be managing/looking after the server for you ?

  2. Elliot, so were you on a VPS with LW or their shared plan? I can’t imagine that you’ve been on a shared plan this entire time with the volume that you receive.

  3. Liquidweb is simply awesome. Their support team really takes care of everything.

    I would think one of their VPS plans would be sufficient for this blog?

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