Send a Card to Mattie and Make Her Day Special


After I posted my article about raising funds for the Ronald McDonald House, I received a message on Facebook from a high school friend with whom I haven’t spoken in quite some time. Sarah thanked my wife and me for what we are doing because her Sister and Brother in Law used the resources of the Ronald McDonald House with their four year old daughter Mattie. I wanted to share Mattie’s story with you if you have a moment.

When Mattie was 2 and 1/2, she was diagnosed with Meduloblastoma (malignant brain cancer) the size of a golf ball. She had it removed the day before Thankgiving and was transferred to St. Jude’s, where she remained for almost a year, and she was discharged without success.

Mattie’s mom and dad then enrolled her in an experimental study at Sloan-Kettering in NYC where she lived at the Ronald McDonald House. She was discharged with no cancer. Mattie then traveled back to St. Jude’s twice for body scans/MRIs/spinal taps where she remained clean until her 2nd round of scans. She was then transferred back to St. Jude’s where she was taken as a candidate in a special experimental study.

Heartbreakingly, Mattie became overcome with pain in her leg and she was found to have cancer consuming her leg and in her chest cavity, and at that point, further treatment was not possible.   She is currently on hospice at home, in a wheelchair, because her leg is due to break at any moment. Mattie has a blog where you can learn more about her and read her story. You can also read more on Cincinnati, Ohio’s News 9 website.

Since Mattie LOVES receiving mail (like any child her age), Sarah and her family organized a “card shower” for Mattie for Christmas, and she received over 2,200 cards from around the world. Mattie’s fifth birthday is coming up on April 4, and we would like to make it more special for her. In the next few days, if you happen to visit a card store or supermarket and can send Mattie a birthday card, she would be absolutely thrilled. You don’t need to send anything other than a birthday card and a little note, since she has everything else she needs.

Mattie’s address is:

Miss Mattie Powell
Fayette Ohio 43521

The Ronald McDonald House is a great organization that helps children and their families, and I am even more glad Karen and I are supporting it with your help.

A special thank you goes out to the following domain industry friends and colleagues who have contributed to help us achieve our fundraising goal:

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