Sedo’s Market Study Shares Sales and Predictions


At the end of January, Sedo published a report that listed the top public domain name sales closed via its brokers and through its platform from 2018. Sedo also listed the top new gTLD domain name sales from the past year. In addition to the sales data, Sedo also shared some trend predictions for domain names in 2019.

Most interestingly to me, Sedo is predicting that marijuana-related domain names will grow in popularity in the coming year. From my perspective, these domain names were popular a few years ago when states in the US began allowing the sale of pot for medical and/or recreational usage, and investors bought marijuana-related domain names in a big way. With more money coming into that business, it seems like Sedo is banking on companies to use some of this new funding to buy great domain names.

From the report:

“Triggered by the legalization of medical cannabis in Germany, Canada and Portugal, a trend towards the purchase of domains around this popular topic has emerged. And it is expected that this popularity will only continue to grow in 2019.”

Another trend Sedo reported on was .IO domain names as well as where its buyers were located. The report also shared the average sale price and median sale price for .com, .de, and .io domain names.

You might want to have a look at the market study along with the internal links offering more information.


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