Sedo Releases Q3 2012 Market Report


Sedo  released its Q3 2012 domain market study this morning, and as usual, it’s filled with interesting insight from the company. Because Sedo probably sells the highest volume of aftermarket domain names, the information shared is fairly indicative  of the health of the domain market.

I want to share some highlights from the market study (also called the market report), and you can download the pdf on Sedo’s website  to read the report in its entirety.

Q3 2012 Market Study highlights:

  • Sales volume of $15.1 million
  • Total of 8,181 transactions on Sedo
  • Average sale price of $1,900 and median price of $650
  • 99 different Top-Level  Domains were sold in the quarter
  • Over $5 million in brokered sales
  • .DE was most popular ccTLD with 23% of sales
  • Buy Now listings made up 42% of sales

To give this report more depth, I think you should compare some of these stats with Sedo’s Q3 2011 market report. Unfortunately, it appears that sales and sales volume are down year over year ($19 million in 2011 vs. $15.1 million in 2012 and 9,778 sales in 2011 vs 8,181 sales in 2012). The sale % of .com domain names remained unchanged at 49%. According to the Q2 2012 market study, Sedo’s sales volume was over $17.5 million.

I appreciate the fact that Sedo shares such valuable information with the public. Have a look when you have a chance and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Q4 is likely to see an even greater drop for Sedo.

    Rising and confusing commission rates on sales… Odd partner programs… partial pennies on clicks… and most importantly InternetTraffic/DomainNameSales

    Sedo has some work to do to stop the slide.

    • I would think that they have had an impact significant enough to be noticed. I believe that October saw their program opened up to all domain owners, so, the Q4 stats might give some good insight.

      Maybe Nameserver changes might help draw some type of correlation? Not sure if anybody can produce stats for how many changed directly from sedoparking to internet traffic..

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