Sedo Looking to Hire a Sales & Brokerage Consultant


Solomon Amoako, Chief Sales Officer at Sedo, published a job opportunity with the company on LinkedIn and tweeted about it last night. Sedo is looking to hire a Sales and Brokerage Consultant, which seems to have the job description of a domain broker. The job will be based out of the company’s Cambridge, Massachusetts office.

The listing was published about two weeks ago, and it looks like there are currently seven applicants via LinkedIn. The person who is hired will be responsible for selling domain names that are listed for sale on Sedo. Salary and benefit details were not disclosed in the listing.

Here is an overview of the position taken from the LinkedIn listing:

As a Sales and Brokerage Consultant, you are responsible driving new business through brokerage on behalf of domain owners. Successful candidates are innovative, driven and entrepreneurial and will have a demonstrated ability to drive new business, develop and leverage a strong client network, and deliver repeatable and consistent business offerings with a focus on quality, creativity, and integrity.”

There are many benefits of working in the domain industry for a large company like Sedo. There are millions of domain names listed for sale on Sedo, and there seems to be a pretty consistent flow of new domain names that are listed for sale in their marketplace.

There are many people looking to get involved in the domain name business, and working for a company like Sedo can be a good opportunity.

I am not 100% certain if the applicant needs to live near the Cambridge office, so that would be a good question to ask Solomon or Sedo’s human resources department before applying for the job.


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