Sedo Great Domains September Auction Results


Sedo’s Great Domains September monthly auction ended yesterday, and the sales total was just over $100k USD. The largest sale was for the domain name, which sold for 54000  EUR (just under $69,000 USD).

This auction produced one of the lowest Great Domains results I can recall in quite some time, with only 8 domain names sold. Half of the sales were for .DE ccTLD domain names. I don’t have a record of the domain names that received bids that didn’t meet reserve.

The results of the auction are published below:

  • EUR 54000
  • EUR 8000
  • EUR 4999
  • EUR 5550
  • $US 5149
  • $US 2049
  • EUR 1500
  • EUR 498


    • It was a nice flip, a lucky flip for someone.
      But not enough to write a whole article on telling people how to get rich quick domaining.

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