Secret Millionaire Viewing Party in NYC


John Ferber is hosting what I am sure will be a fun viewing party in Florida on March 27th for his episode of the Secret Millionaire. If I lived in Florida, I would likely attend to show my support.

I don’t live in Florida, so I decided I am going to host a viewing party in New York City, also on March 27th, with a bit of a catch.

As you know, I am currently raising money for the Ronald McDonald House. My wife, Karen, and I will be hosting a Secret Millionaire viewing party at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City for 15 people, to raise funds for this organization.  I will personally pay for the food and drink, which will likely be pizza and pasta, with non-alcoholic beverages.

The cost to attend is a $50 donation to RMH. The party will begin at 7pm so we can casually eat and learn about what the Ronald McDonald House does and who it helps. We may get a tour of the house, but that’s not confirmed. Ronald McDonald House is located on 73rd between 1st and York on the Upper East Side. We will try to set up a video feed with John’s party in Florida.

If you are able to attend the viewing party, please RSVP here and I will add you to the Evite I am sending to past New York domain group attendees. The conference room can only accommodate 15 people, so I would really appreciate only firm RSVPs.


  1. I wish we were. We’re in FL until the 23rd ish and then head back to TN. We’ll be there in spirit though. If we’re still here in FL on the 27th, we’ll be going to John’s party.

  2. We have an Australian version of The Secret Millionaire here. Fantastic show and probably my favourite actually. I’ve always been a big fan of volunteering and helping those less fortunate so it definitely strikes a chord with me. Since I’m also in business it’s great to learn the stories of many millionaires and how they got there too.

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