Sean Stafford Authors Childrens Book


I was perusing my Facebook feed last night, when I saw that domain investor Sean Stafford announced that his childrens book, Gypsies in the Kitchen, is doing well on Amazon. I didn’t know that Sean was a children’s book author until I clicked the link and saw that he wasn’t kidding around.

Gypsies in the Kitchen currently ranks #39 in Amazon’s Limericks & Humorous Verse book category. The ranking is based on the number of books that have sold. In addition to the high ranking in its category, the book also has a 4.6 star rating.  Sean is also the author of Domain Graduate, an e-book about domain investing.

This childrens book was co-authored by another domain investor, Dan Kimball, and it was published in October of 2013. The book costs $2.99 for the Kindle version or $8.99 for the paperback version. You can probably reach out to Sean to get an autographed copy if you’d like.

I have not read (nor do I own) the book, so I can’t provide you with any type of feedback or a book review.


  1. Thank you, Elliot! I appreciate the attention to the book!! This is awesome!

    If anyone would like an autographed copy they can definitely reach out via my website or email ( and I’ll be more than happy to arrange a signed copy. If you haven’t already checked out the reviews on Amazon, please do so. They are hilarious!

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