Sunny Saturday Afternoon Update

I watched the weather forecast yesterday, and the weatherman said it was the first time he can remember being able to post seven consecutive sunny days on his forecast. There are no clouds expected, and temperatures are in the 80s-9os. Today is suppose to be the best of the bunch, so if you need me, I will be outside.

Just a few updates today:

– I was having some server issues yesterday and last night, but I *think* they might be resolved. I am planning on switching to a new server ASAP, but hopefully a few tweaks and updates on the back end will buy me a couple of days. I want to be sure the site stays live (obviously) and want to ensure it doesn’t impact other sites on the server.

– As a result of the outage (and to test the scheduled post feature which has had problems after WordPress updates), I re-posted yesterday’s article this morning. The article discusses using a newsletter to drive traffic and business, and I’ve updated it a bit since the original posting.

– The article I wrote about Flipping.CO valuing .CO domain names at 4% of .COM values was pretty popular. I want to reiterate that I’ve only invested in 6 names, with one of them Bahamas.CO and another being Elliot.CO. I am sure you can glean from the article that I don’t really have an opinion on .CO values right now and I am not trying to pump them either, although I am happy to see Caribbean.CO sell for over $10k because it’s somewhat of an indicator of the value of Bahamas.CO.

– Some recent secondary market purchases I’ve made include:,,,,, and

– A close friend of mine just had a baby and registered at Buy Buy Baby, a company owned by Bed Bath and Beyond.   I was curious so I checked out and to see who owns those typos. Smartly, BBB owns them, but not so smartly, they don’t seem to be forwarding to the correct website. You’d think if they were smart enough to buy/own the typos, they would forward any traffic to the right place instead of potentially allowing ISPs to monetize the typo pages and potentially send visitors to competitors who are bidding on those keywords. Maybe it’s just temporary, but the typos aren’t working for me right now.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Beautiful day for US open.

    Enjoy while you can- I can feel the cool autumn air already- the leaves are turning yellow.

    Sooner than later, snow will be on the ground

  2. To clarify and keep things “technically speaking” accurate.

    It should read “I was having an outdated blog plug-in issue that kept creating and causing memory overflows on the server”.

    So it wasn’t the server causing the problem. The server itself is top notch.

    🙂 LOL

  3. Hey Eliot, send you an email, but i might have your old one. Had a question on what you thought about domain name i just aquired. This one is for development, , which happens to be my subject i have majored in. I am looking to develop it as informational website directed to Operations managers and people looking to get into the subject. what you think?
    I have been out of domain world for a while, and wanted to check in with you.

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