Chargers’ Ladainian Tomlinson LT Slide Electric Glide Website


Ladanian Tomlinson dancing

Will the San Diego Chargers beat the New York Jets this weekend? I sure hope so, but I am also rooting for a small start-up that was spawned by a You Tube video of Ladainian Tomlinson. Apparently, Nike leaked a video of star running back Tomlinson doing the “LT Slide Electric Glide,” a 1980s themed music and dance video.

The video is kinda hilarious, and it caused a buzz on blogs, Twitter, and other websites. One San Diego Chargers fan built a LT Slide Electric Glide website, where he is offering an awesome 80’s style throwback t-shirt complete with Electric Glide logo. Get a shirt and show your support for LT’s dancing moves.

How long will this buzz last? Probably for as long as the Bolts are in the playoffs. Here’s hoping they handle the NY Jets and Mark Sanchez this weekend. If they have moves like LT, they should glide right through to the AFC Championship.


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