Sahar Sarid to Launch

Earlier this week, Sahar Sarid announced a new venture called Visitors will be able to ask questions of the participants, and the format will be similar to that of a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” interview. Here’s what Sahar said about DomainingAMA on Facebook:

“Next Monday. 3/28, I’ll be releasing a new platform called ‪#‎DomainingAMA‬, it is a Domaining spin on Reddit AMA and for five days a week at noon, est., we will feature one person per day to share and give their all with our community. ‪#‎Domaining‬ will never be the same.”

For those of you who have been involved in the domain space for at least a few years, you probably recall Sahar’s popular domain industry blog, Sadly, the blog is no longer in use, but there was some great information when it was active several years ago. Sahar has done very well in the domain space, and his company owns some exceptional domain names (most under privacy from what I understand). is scheduled to launch a week from tomorrow, and Sahar published a list of the first five partipants:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.14.23 AM

Sahar has made many contacts in the domain space, and it will be great if he is able to get participation from some of the people who maintain a low profile in the domain industry. It will also be interesting to see if people are really willing to answer any question that is asked.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. If anyone is thinking of a lynch mob on Adam Dicker I’m going to ruin your party. The forum is meant for constructive talks. Adam has a wealth of knowledge and a long and successful history in the Domaining business. He may have made some bad decisions as of lately, many deserve clarity and he also deserves his day to say what he has to say, hence I thought it would be a great idea to have Adam on board. I’m extremely thankful and grateful Adam has decided to accept my personal invitation to be on our opening week.

    • I think giving Adam Dicker any type of forum and soap box is wrong and a slap in the face for many people. It’s akin to inviting Bernie Madoff out for a chat about personal investing and wealth building. I am sorry but I think this is a bad choice and reflects poorly.

    • I couldn’t agree more. That’s exactly why I hired Bernie Madoff to handle my money. There are a few slight differences though. Adam won’t admit to what he has done. Bernie did. Adam defrauded people of thousands and Bernie made off with billions. Either way, I agree it’s a sensible choice. Give a man a fish or or a few stolen dollars and he can eat for a day; teach a man to fish or steal and he can feed himself for a lifetime. I will definitely be attending the AMA. I would love to know how you keep a dedicated following while robbing them blind.

    • Ya Adam made mistakes. We all do.
      But i paid my debts. Adam hasnt

      I have no respect for anyone that would promote Adam Dicker.

    • Sahar, you are trying to defend the indefensible at this point. Asking Adam Dicker a question such as “Where is the money you owe me?” is a fair and constructive question for a man of his notoriety.

    • Adam was not convicted of anything. Matter of fact, I know of not a single lawsuit against Adam and again, not a single conviction. Just people chatting, talking, mainly people who have done no direct business with Adam. NamesPros in my humble opinion should have done a better job protecting Adam. We live in a law abiding society, the courts are our moderators, not some message board and a bunch of trolls. Let’s not get carried away here.

      In regards to Madoff, convicted or not, I’d LOVE to have him on board and get in his mind about what drove him to do what he had done. I’ll provide the platform and the popcorn.

    • I had no idea you existed, Sahar. Most likely that’s because I don’t follow anyone in this industry. However, this speaks volumes about your character. I wish you the best as an individual but hope your AMA tanks. Promoting Adam is a disservice to this industry and proves that the boys club is back and kicking.

    • It’s your call on how to manage the platform, but what is the point in calling it “As Me Anything” if people can’t ask anything they want?

      You did not ask me to participate in a DomainingAMA, but I would pass on the opportunity because there are some questions I would not be willing to answer. I am sure people would ask me about purchase prices and sales, blog and website revenue information, and other information about business finances, and most of that information is private.

      I feel like if I am going to be willing to participate in an Ask Me Anything session, I should be willing to answer as many questions as is feasible. With a business like mine, I need to protect the private information I have and use to help grow my business.

    • Again, borderline libel with your allegations. Adam was convicted of nothing as of yet and even if he will or was, providing a platform to discuss and share is the right choice, so we can all learn and understand, and move forward. Negativity & hostility will get us nowhere. Follow your heart, open your heart. Let Adam and others teach you something, even if it’s just humility and forgiveness.

    • I’m the one who exposed him. Adam had a chance to sue me. He failed to do so, which says a lot. Either he’s too broke to do so or he has an indefensible position. Hell, both are probably true. He’s so deluded he might actually believe what that he didn’t do it.

    • Thanks so much for your ill wishes, it drives me to greatness. You are not a definite part of history, a little stepping stone forward to prove you wrong. I dare you to never log in to any #DomainingAMA we will host, if you can hold yourself back. The loss will be all yours.

    • And he will decide what he wants or not want to answer, that’s how AMA works. I believe if people take a step back, approach this gently and with integrity, we will all be better off the day after than the day before. Remember in all such situations there are allot of personal issues as well that were not yet discussed nor explored, it’s not a black and white issue, lots of shades of grey.

    • Can we ask him about his mental health? I would love to know if he’s a sociopath or a sadist. Just curious.

    • Exposed myself? Come on, man. Everyone knows what Adam is. Either you’re too blind to see it or too self indulged to really care about those who he’s hurt. You sit here saying everyone makes mistakes. Sure, that’s true. But not everyone steals. That is punishable by law. There is a simple reason no one has sued him… It is too expensive for the average person. Wake up.

    • You sure can, he will decide if to answer or not. Just make sure to ask nicely without demeaning a person. Some of us do have mental issues to deal with, nothing to be ashamed of.

    • “Let Adam and others teach you something, even if it’s just humility and forgiveness.”

      Adam Dicker: whatever I owe to you, I forgive you 😀

    • He is not convicted of anything. Small claims courts are dirt cheap, even state and federal don’t cost more than few hundred dollars. Not to say he isn’t guilty (I have no idea really), but fact is, to this day, he is not.

    • Elliott,

      The format is the same as Reddit AMA, the community votes on questions, the person we host decides what he is comfortable answering or not. I didn’t invent the format, it just works and works well.

    • Great Shane, looking forward to your participation. Please try to be constructive, not demeaning. Thanks in advance.

    • You’re as deluded as the criminal Hillary Clinton who, under FBI investigation, continues to run for president of the USA. Her reputation preceeds her as does Adams.

      Birds of a feather flock together.

      Enjoy your little talk. Perhaps you require background checks and vet ALL questions for Adam as Hillary requires for all her public events.

    • I am that guy Shane, the guy who fights for justice and will stand up against bullies. Definitely that guy.

      And again thank you for the compliment. I do have a character. Others don’t.

    • What about the bully who multiple sources say took people’s money? Any standing up there?
      ANY concern for those people?

    • Maybe you should ditch the AMA idea and invest in a boxing ring. I think people would enjoy that show a bit more.

    • You keep saying Adam was convicted of nothing. So were many of the innocent people on whose lives you ruined as you and “others” made money of off the site. You weren’t too concerned about convictions then were you?

    • “providing a platform to discuss and share is the right choice, so we can all learn and understand, and move forward”

      He’s been given a platform to discuss. There is nothing more to discuss. Its time to pay people back. AFTER THAT, if he wants to discuss what “he’s learned” from this process then maybe people would listen. No one wants to hear someone, who still owes people money, make more excuses.

      Good luck with that.

  2. WHAT?!

    Sahar is giving a thief a platform to steal more money from people? He only paid Schilling because Schilling is who he is and called him out publicly on Twitter.

    What about all the other people that Adam took money from that he never repaid? I cannot imagine why he is not in jail, and I cannot imagine why anyone would put him on a pedestal with other people with high integrity.

    Finally, I cannot imaging why anyone else would share the platform with him.

    What the heck is going on with people?

    • What you say is more of a reflection of your own relationship with yourself than about Adam, and so far it reflects poorly on you.

    • No one cares about your platform. This is a sad joke. Enjoy being an accomplice to all of his activities. Kudos though. You have some balls sticking your neck out for him. Seems like you’re the only one to publicly back him.

    • I’ll burn my reputation a hundred times, I could care less, but I will not break the law, and I will stand up for those who have hard time standing for themselves against bullies like yourself. I’ll walk through fire with the underdogs while you seek to kick a lying dog. But with that said, ask anyone around the Domaining business about my reputation and you’ll find out what my reputation stands for.

    • Well, you’ve certainly succeeded. You may have been and continue to be successful but I have the feeling you’ll regret your choices shortly.

    • What, you gonna expose me too? LOL

      I’ve bene threatened on my life more times than you took showers in your life. I have no reputation to protect, you’re out of luck.

    • Nah. You truthfully aren’t worth the time. It seems that you do more damage to yourself than I could possibly do. You can’t slap sense into a rock.

    • So everyone made their outstanding claims up, are you really a man of your word, or a man of your wallet?

      Countless victims have come forward, when is Bill Cosby coming on?

    • Unless you run some tabloid that will do anything to stir the pot, Bill Cosby gets the benefits of the doubt until the day he is convicted. We all do, including Adam.

    • Oh the name calling. Thank you Shane for putting a light on who you are right this moment and where you are in your life journey. The world is watching. Like I told you before, your comments are far more a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself than on myself or others. One day you will understand. You are not there yet.

    • Heh. Between your involvement with and Adam Dicker, I think you have yet to get on my level.

    • Pathetic, speaking in metaphors while all you care about is money. Don’t try to prove otherwise.

    • “What you say is more of a reflection of your own relationship with yourself than about , and so far it reflects poorly on you.”

      Such a social media cliche.

    • sahar, i understand you are a law school graduate…..did you happen to miss the class on defense to a libel action? – the truth

      seems like more than a few people in the domain community seem to have had the same experience; paid for goods/services either not received, or not as represented, or not paid back funds promised

      what would you call that ‘fact pattern’

    • Oh Sahar, you obviously haven’t bothered to read anything about your pal. EVERY person involved tried to settle privately. Some even signed more contracts for settlement. Everyone got Dickered.

    • It’s a good thing you have Frank Schilling on first… we can all ask him how those “private negotiations” worked out. Right Sahar?

  3. Oh LOL Adam Dickers is invited again…constructive talks with Dicker…just LOL

    Sahar, seriously. How much did he paid to you for this?

    • He paid nothing, wasn’t his idea at all but mine. Adam is an old friend of mine and has done so much for the industry many newbies have no clue. Did he make some bad choices? I believe he may. We all do sometimes. Big deal. I think if we can provide a platform for constructive criticism, hear more from Adam and others, we can finally put it all behind and move on. Remember, Adam was not convicted of anything.

    • If he did bad choice when got married his wife, then it is perfectly fine to invite him on domain-related show. But it is a bad idea to invite him on family-related show to share his tips how to choose right wife. And this “he was not convicted of anything” just doesn’t work here.

    • The Catholic Church tries to use this same logic and response to allegations about some its Priests. No convictions, so it never happened. hmmmm interesting.

    • Anthony Robbins used to give advice about marriage, then he got divorced. He lost some followers, but life went on and he bounced back as well. Life is a path, it isn’t a destination.

    • You used the Anthony Robbins example, so let’s continue down that discussion in a logical way.

      Anthony Robbins used to give marriage advice. Then he got divorced. Should he still give marriage advice any longer? No!

      Should Anthony Robbins be featured in a show discussing “successful marriage” whatever, if his marriage failed? No!

      You’re doing a disservice to everyone in the industry by featuring Adam Dicker. You’re making us all look bad. Conviction isn’t a requirement whether you feature someone or not. That’s a stupid argument.

    • Hillary uses the same logic. “I’ve been convicted of nothing” and therefore continues to run for president. Meanwhile, the FBI still investigates…..

      read that last sentence a few times 🙂

    • “Remember, Adam was not convicted of anything.”

      …….. not yet

      And if/when he is, what happens to your interview? Do you wipe your site clean like Mike Cyger did?

      Or do you continue with the “people make mistakes” BS?

    • And so you want people to listen to Adam discuss how to take money from people and not provide them what he promised?

  4. I really wasnt paying much attention to all the noise around about this.

    However, i did want to say (and should have said this before) that when I needed help Adam was there for me -100% , even though he didnt know me at all.
    He just new -right from wrong.

    There were no strings attached or benefit for him to get anything from me. He was just being nice and helpful. I am sure he has been like that to others too. I think it would be nice if some of those spoke up too.

    I dont know whats the story here.. Nonetheless, people are allowed to make mistakes and wrong decisions. It happens. We are all human. If he actually did something wrong, I am sure he is doing his best to correct it, even if he only decided to correct it after it got exposed(If that is indeed the case). It doesnt matter. Again, we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

    “To err is human – to forgive is divine. To complicate things -is to be a… domainer(just kidding about the last part).

    And no, Adam didnt ask me to post and probably doesnt even remember who I am or what he did to help me out.

    • Abe someone doesn’t get a free pass becausef they throw you a bone, but steal your dog house along the way.

      Sahid, Cyger call Dicker his buddy, he kicked him off the show, and scrubbed his site of anything Dicker ?

      Why would someone do that? What does that tell you? Do you not employ common sense?

      You have to understand the people whose money was taken, you really need to do some soul searching, and ask yourself who you are really helping?

      Guys, wake up just because some people registered some domains early on, they went up in price they sold, same with Bitcoin, same with tesla, they are not super humans, don’t put them on a pedestal.

      These people are not Heros or messiahs, just luck, anyone in the business employing a solid rinse, and repeat strategy up until 2016 has done well when disciplined. The Chinese have cause the rules to change a bit, but overall portfolios were amassed, and will sell over time for continued profits.

      Follow thru buying of domains is needed by newest I maintain the greater appreciation of dated portfolios.

      I have seen much, but in 2016 I see so called domainers paying more in auctions, then even most end users are willing to pay. This is a small industry, barrier to entry is much higher than a $8 .com registration, or an 88 cent .online registration.

      Everyone is trying to sell you something, just take a minute, and observe before you bid, or buy a total web development package.

      No domain college is going to get you to millions, 99 percent of people are trying to sell will tell you anything you want to hear. These are the ones selling the picks,and shovels, to mines which have already been mined by them. They need someone to buy the fools gold, and that someone is surely you!

      As an example, A .ws article was done here a few weeks ago to much fan fare, that market Is down considerably during those past few weeks. The article did more harm than good as it really exposed the truth of such hype behind a baseless extension which nobody has cared for all these years, suddenly someone gets paid to push it, and it is supposed to have value. This would be the picks, and shovels.

      Domaiming is not a free lunch, and in 2016 it is an expensive one, don’t believe the hype, the roads are not paved in gold, just renewal receipts.

    • Stop with the people make mistakes BS. A mistake is when you leave dinner cooking in the oven too long. When someone tells you they’re going to perform X for you and it will cost you $Y, and you hand over $Y but never receive X — multiplied by dozens of other people as well, thats clearly not a mistake.

      Stop with the life is a journey and we all make mistakes BS. Its so fruity. Grow a pair and admit fault when you see it.

    • Thank you, Ron and Shane Bellone for standing up for the truth and what is right. This guy lucked into domaining earlier than most and aside from the head start has not proven to be any smarter or wiser. Just another uneducated hack that happened into fortunate circumstances and hasn’t been relevant since Bido failed 6 years ago. Very glad to see the public speak up on this blog.

  5. Adam did alot of good things for me too. I looked up to him.
    He doesnt owe me anything. I am thankful for what i learned from him.
    However he is a thief, a liar, libel me lol
    You could have picked any other domainer, sharif and you would have glowing reviews. You want to stand by a thief and liar, and help him promote his lies and deceit, your no better than him. And Shane B is right, many of us have nothing, investing $400 on a money making website is a big investment.
    Getting ripped off, is a big setback, finacially and mentally.
    Ya we have 1 thing in common, both have a mental illness.
    Suing someone is out of many people’s reach. And borders lie between us,making it more difficult. sorry sharif this was a wrong decision and you are only making it worse.
    Enjoy your time with you ” friend” and i too hope your endeavor fails miserably.
    There is more than one Adam Dicker in this world, but one of them is a chronic liar, a thief, rips people off and says he will pay them back, and spends money to not pay his victims.

    And Abe, obviously you dont know what’s going on, better finger it out bro.
    My decision has been made, Adam Dicker is a criminal, and only due to finances he is not in prison with Stanley where he should be.
    I hope he gets arrested the first time he steps on USA soil
    Summary: Sharif you made a bad choice, like Adam, and you see what has happened to him. So you dont care about your reputation, just like you dont care wether your friends engage in illegal activities. You’ll promote them, who’s bringing the boy butter bub

  6. You have got to be kidding having Dicker.
    Lets see, you commented on Dicker saying he was not convicted. Last time I checked he is in Canada and there are many many many people that have been defrauded (FACT) in the USA. Amounts ranging from 500 to 10000 as an average. Just what exactly do you get when you file a few hundred dollar motion or intent to have a lawsuit ? You get a piece of paper in your hand. After that come the lawyers..Oh, and that costs how much ? Gee more than you lost…So that piece of paper becomes worthless, especially across borders. Get your facts straight, everyone in this industry knows about Dicker stealing money from people. Its documented on several levels, and had he had the balls to come out and post what he had done and offered some kind of payback, this story would have been different, but it isn’t and he did NOT offer anything why he took peoples hard earned money and belief in a domain person. He not only effected the entire industry, he ruined it for many, sorry you may forgive people when they have admitted their wrong doings , but you don’t forgive people that keep on doing it……If you want to have a con man on your panel, its your choice, but you don’t invite Jarod Fogel to a preschool just for the knowledge.

  7. And on top of that Dicker / Lawyer sent out a letter that DEMANDED people remove their comments about his illegal dealings and he would agree to a payback. The letters I know about that were sent back received NO RESPONSE. No response to phone calls, emails or even legal letters…. Lets see ???!! Perhaps because this loser knows he is in Canada and none of it will matter..Just a guess, I think not. And Mr Sahar, I do have proof of each and every document, so while this crook may not be convicted, everyone that has been involved knows the truth. Also shocked that Mike Mann and Frank Schilling would be a participant knowing that dicker was involved in any way, something I will be sending them also…Have a good discussion because its obvious where you stand..

    • It’s called libel, those sorts of accusations that were made. Just like above. Fact still remains he is convicted of nothing. Your docs are one side of the story, but in life there are usually three: Yours, the other person, and the truth. So far we have hardly heard one and I’m not going to base my judgement on your say.

    • You can say what you want to me, but the fact is its not 1 side of the story, you can keep denying all of this if you want.. But he took advantage of people.

    • It’s only libel if it’s not true. Truthfully, demanding something in return for something that is owed is called extortion.

    • I am postive that every one of those comments are backed by factual evidence to the degree that Adam can not defend at this point.

      Having him on your site tarnishes you and the industry.

      Admit your misjudgement and people will likely forget about it. Continue with the interview and you’re credibility sinks to zero.

    • I have the AMAday comes up first, line ’em up, I may take time to answer, if I find it interesting enough.

    • These people clearly feel violated and wronged, not just 1, not just dozens, but several, yet you seem so cold towards the whole situation.

      This is about the time you fell off the face of the earth no?

    • “These people”, “Violated”, “wronged”.

      Bring it on my AMA day, I’ll address that nonsense and those naive ideas of yours.

    • I meant this one: “I have the AMAday comes up first, line ’em up, I may take time to answer, if I find it interesting enough.”

  8. Sahar,

    Love of the idea of experienced domainers sharing their knowledge….if I pick up one or two ideas..all the better.

    And …..look at all the feedback already!

    Good luck with your project.

  9. “I know of not a single lawsuit against Adam and again, not a single conviction.”

    Sahar, first of all, welcome to the internet. You seem to be new here.
    Perhaps you should learn about this thing called “Google”. This is what pops up first in a search:

    You also don’t seem to know much about your featured guest, because you don’t seem to even know that he’s based in Canada. That makes it far more difficult and expensive to sue him and collect a judgement. If you want to be ‘helpful’ to the domain community, perhaps a session on the specific procedures for suing Adam Dicker in Canada would be of best use to your audience.

    • I will probably invite them soon too and you and others may have your day to get some answers. I don’t know much about what they have done to you or others but they were nice enough to show me their office in Boston years ago.

  10. Low life scammer crooks, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, and Peter “Big Scammer” Hubshman,.. watch your wallet, and laugh at Zappy’s fake resume, fake leadership, fake religion, fake friends, and fake clients: See and (Peter is more of an insidious crook with a pompous attitude about him, whereas Zappy is an obvious scam.) These guys begged and borrowed lots of money from lots of people including me, and now hide their assets and lie about everything.

  11. Andrew Miller made partial payback, and pretends to be attempting to cover the rest of his debt so I am less harsh on him, the others are extreme fraudulent liars with no attempts to cover themselves, and extreme lies about me. I have signed contracts and court judgements against all of them.

  12. Maybe if you guys want to learn something, you should consider leaving the hostility behind. There’s enough hate in the world already.

    • If you’re the guy behind you really have no business being all high and mighty. Contradicting yourself left and right is what im seeing

    • One thing that’s clear when reading this thread is that you’re anxious to defend Adam with emotional appeals… which you’ve done repeatedly here.

      Business people, and those in journalism deal in facts; lovers deal in emotions.

      So let’s just cut to the chase here: How long have you and Adam been dating, Sahar?

  13. Sahar,

    It’s not about hate, it’s about you ripping people off!

    Looks like the authorities are still after you as well. You can’t be trusted Sahar, just like Adam Dicker can’t be trusted.

    Sound like your bitter and angry and people are finding out how unethical you are. You been exposed big time. Anybody can Google your name and find out all the scams you pulled, shame on you, your a sorry soul!!!

  14. Sahar,

    See how much you care, when your in prison and some guys bends you over and makes you his little “bi*ch, you will care, that is your future soon

  15. Your personal attacks on me are entertaining at best. Google my name, see what I went through already.

    There are few things working against you here.

    1. We aren’t on NamePros anymore.

    2. I can take on a lynch mob in my sleep. Many. Times. Over.

    3. I have nothing to prove to you

    4. I don’t need you nor anything from you.

    5. I have no reputation to protect. It’s been ruined by many who spread many lies before you.

    Now if you guys want to learn how to make millions with domains, lose the hostility and grow up. You may learn something. Otherwise, go right ahead, waste your day and your life making hating the world. I could care less.

    • Thank you for using the word “WE”, it’s an important step to recognizing that you and Adam are a couple, committed to each other with much in common… even with your boot-out from NamePros.

      It’s the love story we want to hear about. We know the facts, it’s the emotions you came here to share with us. Go on, let it out. Let the Canadian maple syrup flow.

    • Stop your self-righteous preaching.

      For a guy who claims he does not care you are doing an awful lot of talking.

  16. Sarah,

    Your just jealous because many of us have made millions the ethical way, something our kids can be proud of and you did it by ripping people off. While we enjoy life with a clear conscience, you are going to prison soon. So while your mad we are exposing you, remember your the guy who will be sitting in prison wasting your day and hating the world.

  17. And the herd rises. Are you all proud of what you have done and what you are doing? What needs to happen, for someone to commit suicide for you to realize the power of your hateful words?

    You won’t have luck with me but others are weaker and that’s a shame.


    • “What needs to happen, for someone to commit suicide for you to realize the power of your hateful words?”

      Follow up on some of those people who begged you take their pictures down and didn’t have $$$ to pay you then come back and talk about suicide.

    • All you know about is from the many lies you have read so far. I don’t need to set the record straight with the fiction you believe, and it is pure fiction.

    • I’ve done nothing wrong to defend myself and therefore I will not. Blank accusations deserve no defense nor the time of day.

    • Ah yes, the emotional appeal when fact with incontrovertible facts!

      When you guys close the deal, will it be Adam Sarid or Sahar Dicker? In other words, #WhoGetsTheDick?

    • Sahar, you think you did nothing wrong by posting mugshots of people who weren’t convicted! That’s not an accusation, that’s a fact! Don’t you see you ruined lives! I’m disgusted by you!

  18. Convicted? Not yet, but proven to be making many, many false statements for financial gain, proven to be selling other people’s copyright content, proven to be taking payment for services and products that were not delivered at all. Facts. One guy got a full refund from Paypal because Adam sold him illegally copied content. Looking forward to people asking Adam Dicker about FBI and police interviewing him and cops buying stuff from him to charge him, which happened when he ran Satan’s Playhouse.

  19. Really looking forward to hearing Adam Dicker explain why Paypal banned him.

    And why a few years ago Paypal refused to handle payments for his website – maybe because the FBI issued a circular describing mugshot removal sites as “extortion”.

  20. You’re right Sahar, Adam just hasn’t had a chance to tell his side of the story.

    If only Adam had an outlet… a place where he could post his side of the story and respond to those who claimed they were ripped off… if only he owned a website with a forum…

    • Bill,

      There’s a difference between accusations and reality. Adam may have made mistakes, I really don’t know. But like I said, to this day he is convicted of nothing and in my eyes he gets the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise in a court of law. He was run down by a mob just the same way they are trying to do to me now. Most just watch from the sidelines, no backbone to participate and stop the mob. Who wants their reputation hurt, who wants mud on their face? No one.

      All names you have mentioned are great names and I’ll invite them later. I hope they will choose to participate. If not in the near future, maybe sometime in the future. Funny thing is, Adam actually is one of the best guys for an AMA, the trolls want clarity so why not just take the opportunity to ask for clarity then shut the door down in his face? That to me makes no sense.

    • Ah yes.. there it is again… poor Adam hasn’t had the OPPORTUNITY to provide clarity.

      I mean, it’s not like he owns a forum or anything.

    • Sahar,

      My guess is that you don’t really want to know all the things he’s done. Controversy is good for getting eyeballs. It was your original intent by adding Mike Mann and Adam. You just had no idea how bad it all was. Trust me, it’s terrible. Adam has lied to me and many other people. You are pulling a Joe Paterno. Letting the thought of winning and in your case traffic, getting in the way of ethics and reality. You also didn’t realize the position you put Frank and Alan in by bringing him in. You don’t do that to friends. You could have at least gotten the ball rolling and let big guns like Frank and Alan put out some good product before you got all crazy. Great idea, you just had no clue what a backlash it would be.

  21. I put all my Sunday on this blog, thanks Elliot for providing the platform and the medium. See you all at #DomainingAMA 3/28, please leave your hostility at home. Come learn about #Domaining. If only one person learns and apply a little of what I have to share, that makes all the effort worthwhile.

    Good day.

  22. Sahar,

    You keep referring to Adam’s misdeeds as “mistakes” and insist that you will not hold him accountable or pass any judgment until the court decides he is guilty.

    Let me ask you this then. Let’s say that Adam (or any man) robbed you blind. Let’s say he conned you out of thousands of dollars, lied about it, strung you along for months, disappeared, avoided all of your messages and attempts to communicate and get what you are owed.

    Would you be upset? Would you be angry that this person you trusted betrayed you in such a way? I suspect that you would, and that you would want to tell others about it and warn the public so that they could avoid getting taken advantage of.

    Then let’s say that when you tried to warn others everyone responded to you with dismissal and disbelief. Nobody was willing to listen to your experience, to your warning and instead they told you that the man that just robbed you blind probably just made some “mistakes” and who knows if he even did because he hasnt been convicted in a court of law yet.

    Would you be frustrated? This is essentially what you are doing to the many victims of Adam’s lies and deceit. And it’s not just one person that Adam has taken advantage of…..its dozens, more even. Most of these people have attempted over and over again to “settle privately” with Adam and have been strung along more or ignored. Many do not have the money or resources to fight a legal battle that would cost more than they are owed.

    You are willing to dismiss all of those people? What if someone had conned your sister? Your mother? Your daughter? Would you take their word for it or would you tell them to their face that there is no proof until the man was convicted and then invite that man over for dinner?

    You cannot ignore all the evidence against him. It is astronomical, and he has not just done it to newbies, but well known domainers who you no doubt know very well.

    Frank Schilling decided to do the right thing by backing out of your ama, Doc24 emailed him and asked him why he would be on a platform with Adam Dicker, and he stated in his email that he would never be on anything with Adam.

    I am glad that most people in the industry now see Adam for what he is.

    If Adam had made honest attempts to actually humble himself and repay those he owed, come clean and make changes….things might be a little different. But he has not done that. He continues to lie, and to hide.

    Nobody should support or affiliate with such a man, least of all give him a platform to “clarify” when he has had PLENTY of opportunities to do that already.

    This is my prediction – Adam will not even show. He will back out.

  23. Sahar The Don King of domaining.
    Great promotion Sahar. Everyone loves a baddie, stick with it, looking forward to DomainingAMA. Its show time.

    Not easy sticking your head above the parapet to be shot at.

  24. So I heard Frank Shilling is not attending. Who will be the next to drop out?
    I dont think Adam will even show up, this entire event will be a flop.
    Thanks for introducing yourself to everyone Sahar. Adios, we don’t need you.
    Looking forward to your next post Elliot

  25. If Adam is so innocent where is dnforum, and credit to the people who bought lifetime memberships.

    You have people with some credibility telling to your face this guy has no moral concious in what he did to people, and you want to take from his knowldge.

    You seem to defect anything anyone asks you about, so what was the get up, to get people to pay to get their pictures offline, before they have been proven guilty?

    All the complaints seem to direct in the same direction, just as all these people point towards Adam, just as all those people pointed towards mugshot, it is clear you have some serious cerberal issues and deflect from yourself, and live in a bubble.

    There is a name for your kind and that is a narcissist.

    You think your the only one to make millions, big deal you bought some friggin domains, and sold them for more. Who cares it is a big world, you fell off the map when mugshots hit the fan, you think you are going to bring Adam back, he is blacklisted for life.

    This guy was a gas jockey, he needs to revisit his chosen field. Does this guy have a gambling issue or something, what is the deal? Why did he go into hiding as you once did, do you two share a cave?

    Nobofy wants to be associated with him, except you, you, are two of the same?

    Hmmmm lets make a fake CEO on linked in, and point fake Whois to him, funny that CEO looks just like you in the pictures.

    All those years in hiding, I guess maybe putting up pics of hard criminals is not a good idea, is that why you went into hiding like a coward?

    You come back to teach the masses how to make money by buying long tail domains, and buying development packages from niche websites for untold millions.

    Shout out to Cyger you verified Adams financials wtf was up with that man?

    Hit me with some smart remark, I would love to hear it… What I don’t know anything? Nothing has been proven? Your only trying to help newbies make money lol.

    Seriously any of you guys buy this crap!

  26. Hi Sahar,

    Your concept is great and I think it was going to be very well received.
    Unfortunately, poor judgment and hubris got the better of you. Despite your poor judgment and hubris most people would have still largely accepted that as it’s your concept and show , Mr. Dicker can be rolled out as your guest and given an opportunity to redeem himself, answer questions and share his wealth of knowledge on various subjects.

    Your mistake in the eyes of many has been your ambivalence and pious rhetoric to the whole Mr. Dicker issue and the people raising the allegations.

    Some people may think you are in denial about the Mr. Dicker incidents and/or the allegations made against him. Most people will recognize that you are completely and fully aware of all the allegations that have been made and supportive of Mr.Dicker position.

    Your response was feeble and ambivalent that as there is no conviction against Mr. Dicker, then the benefit of the doubt should be given to him. Many will suspect this is a metaphor, cry for sympathy and reference to your own previous situations and treatment in the court of public opinion. Some may say your response has little to do with Mr. Dicker and more to do with you.

    I wish you the very best with the concept and the forthcoming shows this week.

    Good Luck.

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