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Sahar Sarid to Launch


Earlier this week, Sahar Sarid announced a new venture called Visitors will be able to ask questions of the participants, and the format will be similar to that of a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" interview. Here's what Sahar said about DomainingAMA on Facebook:

"Next Monday. 3/28, I'll be releasing a new platform called ‪#‎DomainingAMA‬, it is a Domaining spin on Reddit AMA and for five days a week at noon, est., we will feature one person per day to share and give their all with our community. ‪#‎Domaining‬ will never be the same."

For those of you who have been involved in the domain space for at least a few years, you probably recall Sahar's popular domain industry blog, Sadly, the blog is no longer in use, but there was some great information when it was active several years ago. Sahar has done very well in the domain space, and his company owns some exceptional domain names (most under privacy from what I understand). is scheduled to → Read More

Two Experts Disagree on Chinese Market Impact


I want to share an interesting (public) Facebook exchange between Sahar Sarid and Andrew Rosener, two experts on the domain investment market. Sahar was commenting on the Chinese stock market drop and its potential impact on domain investments, and Andrew Rosener of Media Options disagreed with his assessment.

Sahar wrote:

"I know some domainers who walked away on fabulous offers from Chinese buyers recently. Those offers are likely gone by now and who knows when and if they'll be back anytime soon. ‪#‎BlackMonday‬"

Andrew replied: (more…) → Read More

Sahar Shares Additional Thoughts About Alphabet


Yesterday morning, I shared an interesting Facebook post written by Sahar Sarid discussing the  decision to use for Google's  new Alphabet holding company  with some of his thoughts. This morning, Sahar shared additional insights and thoughts about Alphabet and the decision to choose for the website.

Sahar gave me permission to share the entire post  that he published on Facebook today. I know that some people do not have Facebook accounts (or they use them for personal things rather than business discussions), so you are welcome to post your thoughts and comments here or or  directly on the Facebook post.

This is a follow-up post in a series of posts examining Google's new Alphabet name, what it means, what it tells us, how they come across. Agree or disagree? comment below.

With Alphabet, While Google was driven by serious Anti Trust allegations in creating this new structure, from branding perspective, they tried to come across as unconventional, young, edgy, and experimental. I don't think it works. → Read More

Tracy Fogarty Launches Domain Brokerage and Consulting Firm


Beginning in 2013, Tracy Fogarty was a domain name broker with Domain Holdings, representing the owners of valuable domain names. This morning, Tracy updated her LinkedIn profile  to announce the launch of, a domain name consulting firm and domain brokerage she founded on her own.

According to its website, will help clients on both sides of deals. The company will offer domain name sales brokerage services, and it will also work with clients to acquire domain names on their behalf. Tracy will also use her experience to provide domain name consulting services to her clients.

While looking through the new website, I saw that Tracy published a blog post announcing the launch of her business this morning. In the blog post, Tracy shared that this will be the first time she is in business for herself: (more…) → Read More