RIP, John Yeomans


Kevin McKim shared the sad news that domain investor John Yeomans reportedly passed away:

According to an obituary posted on the Dignity Memorial website, John passed away earlier this week “after battling a chronic illness for many years.”

I did not know John all that well, but we had several conversations at conferences and via email over the years and did at least one deal I can recall about ten years ago. As Kevin mentioned, John seemed to have disappeared from the domain investment space several years ago, and I always wondered where he went and why.

I have fond memories of John, and I am sure he will be missed.


  1. General Question:
    when a “domainer” died, will she/he be remembered for the domains they own or their legacy?

    Conversation—oh I don’t remember him/her but wait…is he/she the one that owns these blah blah domains? oh yea yea yea…now I remember him/her

    Will people know about the domains you own than your real name?

  2. I believe I too had several exchanges with him on a particular forum may years ago and recall a trade or two, acronyms I believe (.net of course).

    Sorry to hear of his passing, condolences.

  3. RIP John. In my experience, always friendly and up for a chat at conferences gone by. What a shame for the community to lose him.

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