Rick Schwartz Lists Widgets.com on Ebay


Rick Schwartz recently listed Widgets.com for sale on Ebay. There is a reserve on the auction, which is currently seeing a high bid of $2,025. The auction ends on March 26th. This is a sweet name and should sell for A LOT!


  1. IMO, he’s hardly “selling” this on, considering that he’s probably set the reserve over $100K (my guess), and that it’s highly doubtful anyone will bid that high on eBay (not that the name isn’t worth that much if leveraged correctly).

    What’s more interesting to me is that he’s put time/effort/money into developing the site with CJ affiliate links, and presumably he has stats on the revenue the site has made (or not). However, the listings states “No other information will be made available.” How helpful is that?(Ummm, not very).

    My guess is that he wants to avoid the inevitable onslaught of emails asking how much the name is making…etc. I don’t think Rick ever sells based on traffic and revenue – I know I don’t.

  2. I get a kick out of Rick’s ME page on eBay! And I quote “I buy mostly PRIME one or two word domains. ONLY dotcom. No .nets and no other extensions” Hmmmm doesn’t he own Flowers.mobi ? LOL

  3. Bet Rick’s reserve is at least 500k…and probably more like a million.
    An obviously perfect domain for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc…and smart, VC-backed startups.

  4. Google eBay widgets and then you’ll see who the prospect is- eBAY!
    There’s 50K being offered for this ironic when the domain is the solution:
    Developer contest: $50,000 prize fund
    eBay are running a contest for developers with up to five $10,000 prizes for the winners. Open to residents of the US, Canada and the UK the aim is to create an eBay widget aimed at getting buyers to eBay.
    Widgets are applications that can be embedded into blogs and websites which pull content from another website, in this case eBay. An example is the eBay Wish List widget which allows you to publish items you’d like to have bought for you on eBay.
    Eddie from AuctionTrax is entering, he’s already built a number of widgets including one for Facebook users. If you want to try out his current offerings AuctionTrax offers a three month free trial.
    I’ll be interested to see what new widgets the contest generates. If you’re a developer and want more people to use your eBay widgets tell us about them or post a link in comments.

  5. It is obvious why Rick is so successful. He started at the beginning and even though many consider him to be one of the top experts he also takes advice and is not afraid to move in a new direction. As the internet moves so does Rick.

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