Rick Latona’s Great Rates on Newsletter Domains

I just saw Rick’s post about financing domain names purchased through his newsletter and think its a pretty good deal. If you are able to develop one of the domain names he is offering, you can probably be cash flow positive on it in short order.

To put this deal into perspective, I want to create an example.   In the past, I’ve seen Rick offer names for 10x annual revenue.   Say you buy a $10,000 name from his newsletter.   Assuming a 10 year multiple, the name is making about $2.75/day.   If you put $1,000 down, the monthly cost (at 1.25% monthly) is around $112.50.   On PPC revenue alone, the domain would make around $85/month.

If you develop the domain name minimally, add a few extra pages of additional content, find paying advertisers, find a good affiliate relationship, or do more link building to grow traffic, I would think you will see the revenue grow fairly quickly.   It wouldn’t take a whole lot of work to be cash flow positive on a deal like this.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I would want to see a list first. I don’t make a habit of signing up for things without seeing an example of what I am signing up for. Also, I am more of a developer then a domain investor so maybe the list is just not for me anyway.

    Thanks for a great blog.


  2. I have too agree as well. Troy, his newsletter is an “Opportunity Knocking At The Door” If you see nothing that grabs you there is no obligations, no costs.
    Rick scrutinizes the prices to fair market value, and there are many diamonds in the rough with the right combo and may have traffic and some aeiou mini sites included which means a value added name with some traffic and search engine listing….enough said.

  3. Isn’t buying what we cant afford at 15% APR what got America into this goddam mess in the first place?

    But I have to say that I am tempted!

    On must bear in mind that failure to meet payments will result in loss of the domain (this is my assumption on sale terms). So if you are not experienced enough to generate the revenue to meet the interest payments, and that is your only means of doing so, then the domain will revert to the seller.

    Then again developing a quality $50,000 domain on credit could be more profitable that developing a $5000 all equity.

    I have never in my 35 year old live bought anything on credit, but I might just start.


    I don’t do credit either, but if you are able to make money from it, then it make sense if you can afford to do it.

    I think what got America in this mess is that *some* people bought a bunch of toys on credit that they couldn’t afford, after buying their homes on credit based income they never made.

    Too much credit to uncredit worthy people caused homes to be worth more than they really were worth, and when they couldn’t pay off the crazy inflated rates and their homes started becoming worth less inflated values, they were screwed. I blame the banks as well as the people who signed up for the loans.

    When I received $20 checks from the phone company telling me if I cashed them I switched phone services, I didn’t take the bait either. This all can’t be blamed on the greedy banks, as there were plenty of people who refused to sign up for bad loans.

    Okay, rant over.

  4. Is it really 10x revenue. Was FrenchRiviera.com making $12,000 per year or was Bensalem.com making $1,200 per year?


    Is what making 10x revenue? I didn’t choose a name in my example, although Rick has sold many names on a stated revenue multiple. There are many names that aren’t sold on a revenue multiple. Likewise, many names aren’t developed to maximize revenue potential. It was only an example of the possibility based on a 10 year revenue multiple domain priced at $10,000.

    I prefer to pay for my domain names in cash rather than on credit. Some people would like to buy as many great domain names as they can leverage. It is important to manage your debt obviously.

  5. I think FrenchRiviera.com is tempting because it has the tourism factor, especially if it is somewhere close to 10x revenue. I have read here that you owned it or still own it and I was wondering if the multiple is close to 10x.


    It’s a great name, but I no longer own it.

  6. “Isn’t buying what we cant afford at 15% APR what got America into this goddam mess in the first place? ”

    NO! Absolutely not . Businesses buy on credit to PRODUCE more income. This is vital to an economy.

    Americans got in to trouble buying consumer goods on credit. In other words they bought crap that made no money (and that they didn’t need).

    This country would be totally screwed if businesses didn’t operate on some form of credit.


    Exactly – ie car dealerships.

  7. PPC is done… two years left at most. Don’t base anything on 10x or 20 revenue. Click fraud has run rampent and its all over with.. affilate programs with real sales will prevail.. Unless you have a great website your done and name your all done with…


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