Report: Acquired by Crypto Company


Yesterday evening, CoinDesk published an article that touched on what seems to be a major domain name acquisition. According to the report, a company in the crypto and blockchain space called Civic (which owns and uses acquired the domain name for an undisclosed purchase price.

According to my records, Media Options was recently brokering via its domain sales newsletter. On May 3rd and on July 5th, was listed for sale with a $1.5 million asking price. The description for the domain name listing was: “A titan of a brand, once in a lifetime opportunity for a domain like this!” It sure seems like Vinny Lingham, co-founder and CEO of Civic, felt the same way about

I reached out to Civic to see if the company could comment on the acquisition.Unfortunately, we can not share further details about the acquisition,” I was told by a company representative. The CoinDesk article stated, “As a condition of the sale, Lingham couldn’t reveal any more about the negotiations or the amount Civic paid to acquire the address.”

I also reached out to Andrew Rosener, CEO of Media Options, to ask if he could comment about the sale of Andrew replied and said the deal was brokered by his company, but he could not share any details with me. is now forwarding to a landing page within the website, but I presume it will become a standalone brand at some point soon. Whois records still show the registrant as, Inc., which is the prior registrant. I am not sure if this means the deal has not fully transacted yet or if there is another reason for the domain name Whois data not changing yet.

Thanks to Francois Carrillo for sharing this news with me.


  1. “ is a big step in our journey to provide every person with a digital identity that they can use to interact privately and securely with the world. ”

    If they pull this of then the 1mill+ they paid for name is cheap and a smart move.

  2. This looks like a real smart investment by this company and totally agree with Alex that the price paid could look cheap in a few years if they are successful.

    Even if they are not- this is a premium domain in a vertical that should do very well in the future and likely could be sold for much more in the future.


  3. That’s one of its kind domain name.. I feel its worth price and these guys with the site live now can get the amount recovered in no time 🙂

  4. Think it depends on the end user use? is it a Crypto registry or an old foreign car I’m not bitching I just think its time crypto thought about mass public investments that require trust and that means marketing financial establishment cognitive word / terms I noted one company in the markets is Huobi com houbi in pinyin is a generic = currency,money,monetary IMO a good name. if I was pan india centric Crore com would be my choice CryptoHuibi is good but the generic Huobi is top of the marketing list ……… That is why Crypto is/was a gem Cyber even more so…….

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