Register Domain Names for Charity


Below are a few unregistered domain names I believe have some potential. Although I am not charging anything for researching these names, I am requesting that the person who registers each makes a donation to a non-profit organization.

Three new additions – 2:30 update:

A few non-profits I recommend (with the link to make a donation):

At this point, I usually recommend about 10 charities I think make a positive impact on the world. This time, I am requesting that readers make a donation to a single cause. One of my blog readers sent me this tragic story, and I am asking that anyone who buys one of the names above, makes a donation to the family of this tragedy to help them through this difficult time.

Please send donations to:
The Cain Family
183 Wayne Street
Mount Airy, NC 27030

Charities Previously Helped By Generous Readers of My Blog:

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
ALS AssociationCystic Fibrosis Foundation
National Multiple Sclerosis Society



  1. Elliot,

    Thanks for the note and the chance to help. A GRAND idea!

    I have registered Hopefully will go live with it in short time.

    I will be donating to the Cain family. I was not aware of the follow up article. Beyond words and horror for them.

    Appreciate the link and the chance to help others.


  2. Thanks, Elliot,

    What a sad story, especially with children involved. I, too, will be donating to the Cain family. I can’t even imagine their tremendous pain.

    I have registered; I will think of this family whenever I see this domain. is still available; I’m on a .tv diet right now, so if any of your readers reg it, maybe he/she, too, will donate to the Cain family.

    Ms Domainer

  3. Hello Elliot,
    I tried to register, but was already taken. Hope the person follows up with you as requested.
    Thanks, Lance

  4. Actually all have been registered…


    I will do some more research this morning and see if I can find a few unregistered names worth registering. Thanks to those who made donations!

  5. “Thanks, Elliot, for reminding me about the best of the domaining community.

    Ms Domainer”

    Thats quite a powerful statement and one that is not expressed enough.

    Thank you, Ms Domainer, for opening my eyes even more.

    Guess I’ll become a regular reader here as it seems there is value to this site.

  6. Elliot,

    Your readers are truly wonderful souls.

    Unfortunately, this duplication of effort, link to your site, and to this story has not been so favorably received by the moderators at

    I have since posted this story to raise awareness on digg.

    Again, thanks for your effort.

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