Redirect Parking Page Sales Form to Broker


To be successful with domain investments, I believe being a good negotiator is essential. You don’t need to be slick or anything like that, but you need to be able to convince someone a domain name is worth your asking price specifically to a potential buyer. There are many people who aren’t good negotiators, but they can still be successful at selling domain names.

I’ve noticed that many people have a “this domain name may be for sale” message on their landing pages, and there’s generally a link to a contact form. I would guess that most people have the form set to email them, although parking companies generally allow clients to set a specific url for inquiries.

If you aren’t a great negotiator, if you don’t like negotiating, or if you can’t stand conversations with people who may be uneducated about domain names, I recommend changing the url on the sales form and having it go to a broker’s website or sales listing to open negotiations. You can also forward contact form emails to a broker if you want to manage the process to be sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Working directly with a broker will allow him or her to negotiate on your behalf. You can also bounce pricing off of the broker, which is beneficial if he or she is an expert at doman valuation. Some brokers and brokerages may even give you a better rate on commission since you brought them a potential buyer as opposed to their platform generating the lead.

I’m not very good at some things like coding and programming, so when I need something fixed, I ask an expert. If you aren’t great at negotiating or you just don’t like the negotiation aspect of domain sales, I recommend reaching out to a broker who will likely produce better results than you, and the cost is minimal.

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  1. Elliot,

    Any reason you left off Frank Shilling’s Domain Name Sales, which charges less than mainline brokers you men tioned, and provides parking services with larger payouts also

  2. Lest we forget as the domain name business grows what Warren Buffett says about using brokers in the financial field…… 🙁

  3. Good advice, Elliot. My clients ordinarily list “this domain is for sale” and then have my firm’s email and/or phone number for contact at the top of the site This avoids the domainer/client from dealing with the tire kickers from bothering the client but some parking clients won’t allow this practice. Thx for the post!

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