Quick Tip to Stay Anonymous via Escrow.com


Many people like to buy domain names anonymously because some domain owners price their domain names differently based on who is buying the domain name. I want to share a quick tip about staying anonymous when using Escrow.com, assuming you’ve kept your identity private during the negotiation process.

In your account profile settings, change your name to something generic like “Domain Administrator” or “Domain Manager.” When the escrow transaction is set up, the seller will receive an email and instead of having your name in the transaction, the fictitious identity will be listed.

One word of caution with this. You will need to make sure to check off the box to have the payment remitted to your company instead of to you, as it will be made out to that name if you don’t. It’s probably not possible to cash a check at the bank made out to “Domain Administrator.”

Just as a reminder, the seller could obviously search Google for your email address, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t have a presence there (or attached to a Facebook / LinkedIn account).

Here are a couple of other things of importance to note if you do this. A real email address and phone number should always be provided (the second phone number listed is not given to the seller). Also, payment by credit card or Paypal will require full disclosure so the transaction should be done by wire.

It’s also a good idea to notify Escrow.com’s support team so they know you. They may cancel a deal if they suspect fraud or money laundering.

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  1. Quote: It’s probably not possible to cash a check at the bank made out to “Domain Administrator.”

    A bit of a tangent, but I’ve had situations like this. If you bundle them with other checks they don’t notice quite often and it goes through.

    Or, just pick the friendlies teller you can find.

    ….lastly, if you get rejected, just go to another branch and try again.

    Smaller banks work better also. Trying this at some lame, jerk-bank like Bank of America, you will have a harder time.

    I’ve never failed getting any check deposited that was not made to me.

    • If you are buying a name anonymously, you won’t have a check made out to you. It’s on the sell side that this would be an issue if this is how you set up your account.

      You can change the name on your account profile though, so you can be Domain Administrator when you are buying and use your real info when selling.

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