Quick Sales Tip: Don’t Click The Ads


I want to share a quick tip with you regarding selling domain names to end users. It’s one of those tips that may seem obvious, but I am sure it’s happened before and it’s something you may or may not have considered.

When I try to sell a domain name to an end user, I pitch it to companies who are advertising on Google via Adwords for that exact keyword. I figure, if they’re spending money trying to attract people who are searching for the keyword, perhaps they’d like to buy the exact match domain name and build a website to help the rank organically.

One thing I never do though is click on the ad to visit the website. Not only is it rude for the domain owner to make the potential advertiser pay to hear his or her pitch, but it can also cost a sale and business contact if the website owner is tracking the leads and sees that the visitor goes straight to the contact page.  This is especially true if it’s an infrequently searched term and is much easier to track. It will piss off the website owner if you made him pay $2.00 to read your domain sales pitch.

No advertiser wants to do business with someone who is so lazy that he or she can’t cut and paste the url into a different window and opts to make the advertiser pay for his or her visit.

This is something that you may or may not have considered, but if there are just a few potential buyers for one of your domain names, burning one bridge by doing that can kill any chance of a deal.


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    I think that in this biz (any biz, actually), a little empathy and consideration will go a long way, so this is excellent advice.


    Behind every buyer and seller, there is a human face; as I get older, I have come to realize that it shouldn’t be all about money.


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