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Most people I’ve met through my blog balance their domain investments with a full time job. I was in the same position when I worked at AIG for two and a half years. I would work from 9-6, come home for dinner, and get to work on the computer managing my domain business. While this may be the way to be most productive with essentially two jobs, it isn’t the best thing for your health.
A little over a year and a half ago, I was told my cholesterol was pretty high and I needed to lower it or else I would probably have to take statins in a few years. Not wanting to do that, I began to run a bit with the encouragement of my fiancee (who is a runner). I wasn’t really overweight, but losing a few pounds wasn’t going to hurt. A few weeks after this, my father had a heart attack (from which he has now thankfully recovered almost fully). This really got my ass in gear, and I began to run more consistently – even running in a few 5k and 4 mile races.
In the last year and a half, I lost about 15lbs, lowered my bad cholesterol, and raised my good cholesterol, without really altering my diet too much (although I do watch what I eat a bit more). I try to workout about 4 times per week using the elliptical machine, treadmill or running in Central Park. I was lucky because I heeded the warning signs and was hopefully able to change my habits before it became too late.
I urge those of you who are essentially working two jobs to take some time to exercise and take care of yourself. I live in Manhattan, so I walk practically everywhere, but if I was still living in New Hampshire, I probably wouldn’t. I get some great domain ideas when I am working out, and I think it’s important to be physically in shape as well as mentally.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Excellent reminder Elliot. I totally agree. I am a runner, worker and domainer as well. I find that the physical exertion helps my imagination too. When I run I often think of new domains.

  2. Glad you learned a lesson before it was too late!


    I’m glad you did as well! Stop working so hard!

  3. Hi Elliot,

    Nice post…and so very true. I just started back to the “gym” about 5 weeks ago and have been bike riding for the last month.

    Wish me luck as…Sunday…I am going to try with a friend of my to go from his house…. to the west side of Palos Verdes Estates and then ride the whole thing to the east side and back down to our starting point. (39 miles). Going to try to do it in 3 hours or less. Very beautiful ride but it is about 75%+ up hill (and I do mean “UP HILL”…which makes it pretty hard.

    I have not done this ride in over two years…so I am excited on one hand…and not so excited on the other…lol.

    But Elliot is right…we all need to do a little something everyday to try and keep healthy….and it does give you time to think in different ways…especially when you are “gasping” for air…LOL

    Palos Verdes,_California –

    Everyone have a “Good-Great” weekend!


    ***UPDATED BY DAN***
    Good luck with the ride! It’s all mind over matter. Just grind it out and it will feel a hellofa lot better once you reach your goal.

  4. Hey Elliot,
    Last December I weighed 265lb. I had stage 1 hypertension and was working 60+ hour weeks.
    I started working out and watching my diet. Within a month, I had lost 20lb. Today, I weigh only 218lb.
    It’s helped not only my health, but also my self-esteem, work ethic and productivity.
    Congrats on focusing on staying healthy. Your business and family depend on it!

  5. Hey Elliot – Glad to hear this. I’ve had issues with elevated triglycerides for years (thanks grandma!), but it wasn’t until about a year ago that I seriously started working on getting them down. Focusing on exercise and diet worked.
    Yes, I still eat the occasional (small) bag of Doritos, but between the gym and yoga, my triglyceride levels are lower – still elevated – but in a much better place.
    And yeah, being in NYC helps because we do walk everywhere.
    Stay healthy.


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