Producers of Master Chef Smartly Acquire


MasterChef TVThe British production company behind the BBC hit Master Chef has masterfully secured the rights to the domain name, a show currently airing on BBC One and soon to be aired in the US on Fox. Television commercials advertising the show feature well-known Chef, Restaurateur, and Hell’s Kitchen / Kitchen Nightmares star, Gordon Ramsay.

The domain name is currently registered to stealth domain acquisition company, Tenpenny Group. Ten Penny is believed to work on behalf of large companies like Google ( registrant prior to Google) and Microsoft ( registrant prior to MSFT).

Television production companies and movie studios are notorious for not securing the rights to .com domain names that match the name of their shows or movies, which may either be related to the generic nature of their titles or their unwillingness to spend a lot of money on a production that could be short lived. It was smart of this company to get its .com domain name, especially when it had aspirations to become known worldwide.


  1. Good pickup. That’s a good name for any chef to own, nonetheless for a show to acquire their own name. You would think that the past owner would have commanded a nice sum on that domain.

    Now all they need to do is acquire


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