Potential Buyers for LL.com Domain Names


As I mentioned earlier today, four LL.com domain names have come on the market in the last couple of weeks, and they are being brokered/represented by Sedo, Toby Clements, and Domain Guardians.

I was thinking about some potential buyers for these domain names and wanted to share these ideas. In my opinion, a two letter .com domain name can be a very solid investment (depending on the purchase price of course) and it can also help with marketing.

TJ.com potential buyers:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • TJ Demas
  • TJ Maxx
  • Tommy Hilfiger (Tommy Jeans)
  • Taco John’s

MO.com potential buyers:

  • Missouri Division of Tourism
  • Philip Morris (stock symbol)
  • Macau Government Tourist Office
  • Western Union (money order)
  • Mo Awards (Australia awards show)

YG.com potential buyers:

  • Yankee Group
  • YG Entertainment (Korea)
  • Youth Group (band)
  • YG (rapper)

AT.com potential buyers:

  • Atlantic Power Corporation (stock symbol)
  • US Parks Department (Appalachian Trail)
  • Austria (.AT is ccTLD)
  • Applied Technologies or Applied Technology (many companies)

There are plenty of other companies and organizations that could potentially be buyers for any of these domain names. Owning a 2 letter .com name is not only an investment with stable value, but it’s also great for marketing.

If anyone is interested in buying one of these names, I mentioned the broker/seller in the earlier article. Who else do you think would consider upgrading to a great two letter .com domain name to help their brand?


  1. Man Elliot, you’re pretty good at using Google 😉

    MO – Mandarin Oriental
    Google/Motorola – google owns HowToGoMo.com
    Nokia/Apple/RIM or any number of mobile carriers

    TJ – Tijuana Association of Donkey Shows

    AT – AT&T drop the “and T” already will ya
    George Lucas Entertainment

  2. Email Mo…he might be interested…

    He bought my domains meetlocals.com, richmen.com, meetgirls.com, divorcedpeople.com, etc.

    He’s doing great with meetlocals.com

    He owns tons of premium domains and his nickname is Mo.

    He will probably buy it…

    If he does, hook me up with a commission…

    Good Luck

  3. Mo also owns the popular website fling.com which has an Alexa ranking 1819…

    He owns several 2 letter domains…one comes to mind is rk.com

    He also owns earth.com

    I’ve known this guy when he started fling.com …and this website became very popular in a short period of time…

    Then he bought my domain meetlocals.com which had less than 5 visitors per day and now it has probably 100,000 visitors per day.

    Very smart domainer.

    Mo.com would be perfect for Mo.

  4. Nice List of potential end-users for “Big Ticket ” Domain names.
    Any one of those should have no problem affording Them .

    Guaranteed to be some wild money changing hands on those!!

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