Poll: What’s the Most Valuable Sports Team Domain Name?


Professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL own some great domain names. I have tracked the domain names owned by teams in the major professional US sports leagues. The list doesn’t change very often, although there are quite a few domain names that are for sale (such as Bruins.com).

In looking at the domain names owned by professional sports teams, a handful stand out to me as exceptional domain names that could be used for more than just the sports teams. I thought I would post a poll to see what you guys think is the most valuable domain name owned by a professional sports team, not counting its value to the team.

For the poll below, I chose what I think are the top 5 most valuable domain names and included an “other” category for those who think something else is more valuable. If you choose other, feel free to share which name you think is most valuable.

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  1. Other. “Yankees.”

    Typical Red Sox fan ;p
    Why “Red Sox” Elliot? Terrible name.
    Bowing out. “Wild” is great, my #2. Tip of 🎩.

    For real talk, can my NYJets buy Jets.com?
    I’m worried the Hockey team beats them to it.
    i had to google how to spell “ Winnipeg.” lol


  2. I would think with private flight becoming more popular that Jets.com could make some serious money as a stand alone site which makes the domain name pretty valuable. Magic and Rockets could be a nice biz also.

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