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I was looking at Frank Schilling’s NameAdministration.com website and just spent the last couple minutes drooling on my computer. Now that the keyboard is dry and the screen is clean, I am able to pose this question: If you could have one of the names listed on the Name Administration website, which would it be?

I would probably choose eShopping.com and build it out as a virtual shopping center. I would find as many shopping affiliates as possible and sell as much stuff as I could, doing my best to optimize each page for Google search.

What would you choose?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I do admit he has some nice names, however, I do believe there exist other portfolios with much more unique & stronger names, names to die for, that is.


    Of course, but for the sake of this post, I was just ogling the names on that list.

  2. He copied Reinvent, IMO reinvent names are worth talking about rather than name administration


    I think both have done a great job of acquiring generic domain names that are visited by millions of people.

  3. Copied Reinvent? They both have 100s of thousands of domain names with varying levels of quality ranging up to super premium. I would love to have 1% of either portfolio. I’m with you Elliot; cant help but to gawk that their names.

  4. Well… I have to agree he has ‘some’ good names but the more I think about it, the more I realize that he has nothing compared with what elequa owns in terms of qaulity names.


    I respectfully disagree. I’ve done more than my fair of Whois searches, and I’ve come across “Name Administration” many times. They own better names (in my humble opinion) than just what’s listed on the site. FMA does own a ton of quality names, too.

  5. Great portfolio. I lick my chops as well.

    Frank, I think you may want to look at removing the link to Paul Slone’s Business 2.0 blog. The magazine has died (very sadly) and he has not updated the blog since July. Not exactly fresh content any more.

  6. OxygenBar.com sounds fascinating.

    I just attended a conference that focused on the dire state of our environment; one expert predicted that if we don’t fix the problem of pollution within 10 years, it may well become unfixable.

    Therefore, OxygenBar.com should do very well, indeed.

  7. Franks names run wide and far 😀 I am simply amazed at some of the names and how far his thinking extends. I have registered a handful of them in .com.au and they preform well even in such a small namespace.


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