Perfect 10 vs. Perfect Ten

Two similar domain names expired at Network Solutions and were auctioned at NameJet in the last two weeks. I thought it was worth comparing and to share why I think there was such a substantial difference in the sale prices of these two similar domain names. was created in 1998, and was created in 1997. Both domain names appear to have been owned by the same entity, an adult publishing company behind the Perfect 10 brand. sold for nearly 9x the sale price of Interestingly, I do not believe the same entity won both domain name auctions at NameJet.

On June 12, 2020, sold on NameJet for $47,510 (source: NameBio).

On June 23, 2020, sold on NameJet for $5,308 (source: NameBio).

I think there are a few reasons for why sold for much more than

From what I can tell using, it looks like was the primary domain name for the Perfect 10 publication and brand. For instance, the most definitely NSFW page for shows a logo for This would indicate inbound links (and subsequent SEO value) favor over

While the Perfect 10 and Perfect Ten names seem pretty similar, the branding people may recall is Perfect 10. Without considering potential trademarks, if someone wanted to rekindle the adult brand, the domain name would be more valuable. I would also imagine people are more likely to type “10” rather than “ten” when searching for this brand or a similar brand.

This is a minor issue, but having consecutive “T” letters, the end of Perfect and the beginning of Ten, could be detrimental to the value of the domain name.

Interestingly, I think the domain name has value for someone who would want to use the domain name for non-adult branding, and given the adult history, it might be easier with this name. Perfect ten is not just an adult related term. Gymnasts, skaters, BMX riders, and quite a few other competitive sports have ratings on a scale of 1 to 10, and getting a 10 is called a “perfect ten.” Assuming is fully associated with an adult branding and heritage, could be a good alternative domain name.

I was surprised that sold for nearly $50k, and I was also a bit surprised that did not see a higher sale price. What do you think?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I believe the winner of was the second-highest bidder in the auction. I’m most surprised he thought was only worth about 10% of and no more. I wonder if the winner knew that when bidding.

    After spending $47k on the first auction, I think I’d want to own both for a relatively nominal cost.

  2. Which is the brand: /
    or /

    or do you need both ?

    I do see a big difference is Perfect 10 & Perfect Ten as reflected by the sales price – where Perfect 10 is clearly the brand

  3. You’re guarantied to have leakage if you don’t own both. IMO numbers like 10 and not spelled out like 10 are always better. A bigger problem comes into play whenever you use 0 or O and the end. One could do this or, the variations among i and o vs capitalized is huge. People would not type it in but could display to trick. 1, 0, i and o worst for tricking. Won’t even get into 4 for, four, fore, lol.

  4. A number written with letters is not logical + the double t. is many times better. They aren’t missing much by letting it slide.

  5. I would rather have the 50k / 55k.
    recent uspto filings are mugs and booze.
    may have already been mentioned – but both are parked same same dns

  6. And now, probably not quite the brand, just goes into auction at NJ with going to PPC
    on..and on…and on…

    • Yes, I know what “zing” means, but you don’t own I was curious if “zing 10” has a meaning in the same way perfect 10 has a meaning.

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