Payment Processing Issue at NameJet


Late last week, I received an email from NameJet with the subject “NameJet ACTION REQUIRED: Unable to process domain order.” I’ve received these emails on rare occasions in the past, and typically the payment goes through the next day or before. In this instance, I won more than one auction, and I received several of these emails.

Since none of my payment information has changed, I spent some time on the phone with my bank yesterday. I was assured that no payments had been declined or rejected, and in fact, they did not see any payment attempts from NameJet.

I reached out to NameJet support, and I was told there is an issue with a payment processor system. The company is working on getting this issue fixed.

I don’t know if this issue is impacting many people or just a few. My guess is that it is impacting a small number of users because there weren’t many responses when I posted on Twitter to ask if others were experience a payment processing issue at NameJet.

If anyone else is receiving these emails from NameJet about unpaid auctions, the company is working on resolving the issue.


  1. I get these because my account is set to fund by other sources first. They don’t charge the card (no payment attempts) unless I fail to fund within x weeks, but I still get these daily messages until I pay the balance.

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