NY Times: Klout Scores Matter


I read an article in the New York Times this weekend, and it seems like Klout is being used by people in some mainstream industries to get products and services in front of  influential  people. If you’ve never used Klout before (or haven’t heard of it), the gist of the site is that it tracks a person’s (or brand’s) “influence” via social networking websites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…etc).

I started connecting a few of my social media accounts to see where my score ranks on Klout’s 1-100 scale. I am not sure how Klout calculates the influence scores since it’s based on the company’s proprietary algorithm.

You can check out a  list of people and companies in the domain industry    to see where people rank, although many of them aren’t signed up on Klout yet. This likely means their scores are lower than they would be if all of their social media accounts were connected.

If I missed your Twitter account when I was adding people and companies to the list and you’d like to be on the domain industry list, drop a comment with your Twitter handle.

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  1. My score is just 45, since I don’t post or tweet much. Ive been telling Lisa for months that she should sign up for Klout. Maybe the NYT article will help.
    Thanks for this post.

  2. Hi Elliot,
    great post i like klout as you say time will tell how it is used in the future.
    I have heard that some technology employers only interview those with a score of 50+ i thought ws interesting.
    Please add myself my twitter name is @iainptaylor

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