NY Times Article Discussing Marijuana Domain Names

I know, I know… I am pulling a Frager… 4 blog posts in a day.  Sorry – sometimes news just happens, and my email count just got much higher because of a dope New York Times article focusing on marijuana-related domain names and the speculation that has ensued.

The article interviews the editor of “a leading online news source on the domain business,” Mike Berkens, and part-time domainer and blogger, Shane Cultra, better known to most as Domain Shane, a guy who knows his way around buds, plants, herbs, and other green delights… he owns a garden shop in Illinois.

The NYT discusses the private acquisition of marijuana-related domain names, which have become hot commodities among speculators who hope to cash in if and when marijuana becomes legal in the United States.  There are a whole lot of other verticals in which people are doing this, but I suspect the Times chose this (and not gambling domain names for example) because of the controversy surrounding weed.

When buying names like this, keep a couple things in mind:

Never get high on your own supply, and the grass is always greener on the other side. Peace!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. If you want to pull a Frager you have to drink more red bull. The Zappy tape you featured today was broken on my blog a week ago. And the pot name articles were showcased on my Facebook feed last Friday. That’s why I have to post so much because it becomes old news if you don’t.

  2. Too funny. Thanks for sharing this article as I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.

    My brother just decided to do a small side project. He registered potpipeline.com, which I told him had no value. But who knows, maybe he’s right on this one. LOL.

  3. “And the pot name articles were showcased on my Facebook feed last Friday. ”

    The NYT article in dated Oct 27th.

    Take a nap Owen,and have a Ricksblog Google alert linked to an alarm clock. This way, every time Rick Schwartz posts and article, you will be notified so you can get up tell us what Rick is up to and how great he is

  4. Ive registered a bunch of 5,6 and 7 letter *POT.com / POT*.com domains, I figure that one or 2 will sell eventually for big bucks and easily cover the other duds.

  5. I registered several category killer pot domains, but I was stoned at the time and now I can’t remember what they were or who the registrar was. 🙂

    Incredible, but true the SFPD seized 7lbs of marijuana and other related paraphernalia, but returned everything intact (including the marijuana!) to the owner when charges were dismissed. I never in my life thought I would see the day!


  6. @ Dean, et al

    “I registered several category killer pot domains, but I was stoned at the time and now I can’t remember what they were or who the registrar was.”

    Save your money and let the pros handle it.

    These guys have the best name for niche market and will light the way …….


    What’s in your shopping cart? 🙂

  7. I have to think that all the really solid names were registered years ago and had the folks in the article spent their time researching the marketplace instead of smoking the stuff, they would have saved a whole bunch of money.

    I really don’t think marijuana is that different from any other consumer product from a domainers perspective and the same strategies do apply when making choices.

  8. “all the really solid names were registered years ago”
    >Oh please. People have been saying that in the domain space for years, and yet there are still great hand reg’s EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    I really have to disagree they were all sold years ago, some were sold last night, to me. They might not be the 7 figure ones but certainly might get 5.

  9. Furthermore> Since this relates to one of the planet’s largest cash crops both in demand and in ‘market capitalisation’, and since most intelligent people can see that its legalisation is inevitable – I really am compelled to see it as an investment opportunity. Frankly as positions go I dont see it as that speculative at all.

  10. i regged mmj.tv about a month ago. Will keep this name as a network for people who use medical marijuana for chronic and progressive illnesses…..

  11. I registered marijuanasales.ca, marijuanaseed.ca, potsales.ca a few years ago, put up some token content (no pun intended). They both rank reasonably well for some searches.

    With California’s Prop19 vote happening in a few days I’m sort of curious as to the value of a .ca for California purposes.

    I suppose we’ll find out but my mailbox hasn’t exactly been flooded with offers.

  12. I found my ten year old jewel, dankweed.com in redemption off of Navigation Catalyst’s BasicFusion affiliate registrar. Just a year after regging it after it was deleted (Oct-24-2009) I hit record traffic levels with it (over 420 hits in 1 day). Not bad for a little blog, but I have some great development plan I’m trying to get a small cash loan for.

  13. Got weed? The need for weed? Weed for sale!

    I have Weed.me for sale, but the mrs. convinced me to keep it pass on any deals we were gonna consider. Instead seems like a fun project to do and the content is limitless.

    420 as in 4.20 million was a huge sale no doubt but keepin this one for a larger deal when developed.
    Put that in your pipe and smoke it!



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