Nima Nojoumi Named a Top Entrepreneur by Arizona Republic


The Arizona Republic recent published the 2014 edition of Arizona’s top 35 entrepreneurs 35 and younger, and someone who got his start in the domain space was named to the prestigious list. Nima Nojoumi was once a popular Executive Account Manager at GoDaddy, and he left the company in January of 2013. This was the first year Nima was named as one of the top entrepreneurs 35 years old and younger in Arizona.

Nima has been very active in the Arizona startup space, and he is the Co-Founder & CEO of a company called Sourcely, which is billed as a “simple and scalable recommerce platform and reverse logistics as a service.” Essentially, the company allows people to trade their unwanted electronics for cash.

In addition to being given this honor, Nima also received a Certificate of Special Recognition from Congressman David Schweikert, who represents Arizona’s 6th Congressional District, where Nima lives.

I’ve always enjoyed chatting with Nima over the years, and I think the honor is well deserved. In addition to his role at Sourcely, Nima is also the Phoenix City Director at House of Genius, a nationwide organization which gathers a large variety of local entrepreneurs to “discuss and solve important problems of entrepreneurship.”

When Nima left GoDaddy, I was confident he would be doing big things. It looks like he is making a big impression in Arizona, and I wish him continued success.


  1. Thank you Elliot. Working at GoDaddy and getting my start in the domain industry was a blessing!

    I was on a startup bus tour yesterday and in the process became friends with a team that was in the same Tech Stars class as Morgan and Daina Linton — small world!

    @Paul – Thank you!

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