Nike Looking to Hire Domain Specialist


Nike posted a job opening related to domain names, and I thought it could be of interest to someone with domain industry experience. The job title is Domain Specialist, and it looks like the position will be based out of the company’s corporate office in Beaverton, Oregon.

One of the many job qualifications specifically mentions domain name experience. I presume someone who has been in the domain industry, particularly as an investor and portfolio manager, would have this expertise that most others do not have:

“In-depth knowledge of the domain industry and experience managing a domain name portfolio consisting of a wide variety of registrations”

There are many more qualification requirements for this position that go beyond domain industry expertise. In fact, it would appear that the domain industry experience may be more easy to learn than some of the other qualifications. For instance, the company specifically mentions being a paralegal or working with domain names for a Fortune 500 company as another qualification. I presume Nike was not thinking about hiring a domain investor, although there are probably a number of people who invest in domain names that meet their qualification request.

It is great to see a major corporation like Nike have a job specifically for domain name management. Domain names can play a major role in a company’s marketing and advertising strategy, and it is also important for a company to keep track of trademark infringing domain names that may be owned by third parties.

Not all companies have a position specifically for someone to manage the domain name portfolio. This job could be right in the wheelhouse for someone that has domain industry experience who wants to work for a major corporation like Nike.

Thanks to Adam for sharing this with me so I could share it with readers.


  1. Elliot..I highly doubt that anyone who was a domain manager was also a paralegal and worked for a Fortune 500 company.. But I am sure there are a lot of the other domain people that would know quite a bit about the legalities. I would think that their legal department would work with a domain manager closely anyway. IMO

  2. Will there be a conflict of interest?

    What happens if you reg domains while at work using their time and PC?

    All the domains you reg during working time belongs to the company just like your ideas at work belongs to them

    They will come after you….

  3. Every company, imo, should either have a domain acquisition department, a domain acquisition specialist or at least a domain acquisition consultant to help them take advantage of domain opportunities. Great domains are valuable marketing tools which are only getting more valuable as the Internet continues to expand.

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