New gTLDs: Any Purchase Inquiries Yet?

I know the new gTLD domain names haven’t been available for that long, but I am curious if you’ve had any end user buyer inquiries for any of them yet. Although end user inquiries would obviously be more desirable than inquiries from other domain investors, I think any inquiry would be a good sign.

I still only own four new gTLD domain names, although I will probably only purchase a few more in the short term. I plan on only hand registering the domain names I do purchase as opposed to paying a premium for them via the registry or through the aftermarket.

Since buying these domain names, I received one inquiry for one of my one letter .Holdings names from an end user buyer. I am not really interested in a short term flip, so I did not quote a price, although I told the prospect he could make an offer. As is the case with inquiries of this nature, the discussion didn’t get very far.

I am sure there are buyers for some of the domain names that make sense, especially from companies trying to be “cool.” That said, there will be so many alternatives out there, I can’t see a huge profit in most cases. Sure, selling a name for $3,000 is nice when the name was bought for $40, but you need to have a lot of these sales to make a living in this niche, and to make a lot of sales you need to have a very large portfolio.

I digress, but I am interested in knowing if you’ve received any purchase inquiries for your new gTLD domain names yet. There have been a few sales reported by Sedo and Afternic, but their weekly reports obviously do not include any inquiries. If you have received inquiries, please share what type of names you’re getting offers on, as I did above. I suspect it will be a while before a solid aftermarket forms, but it will be interesting to see what people are seeing now in the nearterm.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Well the majority of releases have been donuts, and since most of the names have gone thru early access, along with premium renewals increasing in later rounds as they gather more data, and evolve their premium pricing , a $500 reg fee offer is not exactly a money making proposition for most thought after key terms. Most offers likely come from other registrants that had pre regs but did not get filled due to not winning the backorder. Still very early for most to consider low offers, but have only seen 4 digit data for godaddy multiple bidder auctions to date, which may include over aggressive bidding by end users against domain investors.

  2. I wish 🙂

    but i only registered a few .link domains and one .pics domain so i guess i will be waiting for offers for a while.

  3. That would be $25 per name, he is better to roll the dice over the year of registration he has left. Considering all the stuff that was reserved in .link, he actually did not do to bad.

    • Thanks for the positive comment Ron!

      And indeed I´ll hold on for a while instead of making $10 – $15
      But thanks a lot Francois
      I did get some more non english .link domains honestly at $9 its worth a shot IMO. (apartment in German) (mortgage in Dutch) (Mortgage in German) (synonym for mortgage in German)

    • Ok Lennard, then I will spend my money bidding on … LOL

      Most serious, my personal experience has been so bad with no .com names, if I compare my registerfing/buying/renewal expenses versus my sales then my ROI has been negative on this kind of domains.

      By the way, thanks a lot to have listed some .links in
      Too bad the one I find of interest was not listed.

  4. *

    Just a partnership offer on to set up an email service.

    I respectfully declined. I could see the nefarious possibilities of such a deal, and guess who would end up holding the bag?

    No thanks.


  5. My dot Guru’s and dot Clubs have sold quite well, but now with the recent release of .Today and .Ddirectory even those are selling! the .Today one is in escrow right now for $12,000 and the .Directory looks like I’ll get $15,000 to $20,000, and to think I only invested $39 for this one!, I never had this kind of luck with dot coms, Dot Coms are dead IMO, it wont be long before everyone starts using GTLD’s like .Today.

    Why use when you can use and see a directory! HELLO!.. This is the next best thing since .Mobi! you cant get the mobile format with dot com, ONLY Mobi can deliver that, just like .Directory.

    GTLD’s are the future, let all embrace them OK?

    • Yes, I paid on the EAP schedule. The supply chain is a bit larger than the traditional .com, but there is still a great opportunity for a multiple ROI…..I see it as a win-win-win-win…..Registries, registrars, myself and an end user will all be complimentary happy with their investment.

    • Only concern is in the registries TOS in regards to renewal premium pricing, there is no cap set, for all you know it could cost you $10K to hold one of these names for 5 years, and your only option is to renew, or drop. You are at the mercy of the registries, whereas .com has contracts in place, just to many cowboys out there making their own rules right now, and I think many people may want to invest, but this is just one of many underlying issues at the forefront as of this moment.

    • Risk, and reward does though, these domains have a 7 day window, then they are soon forgotten.

      I think many domainers have been hitting these gtld’s, now the names are piling up, no traffic, very little offers, and large visa bills are making everyone do a second take. This is more timing, and strategy, and has little to do with gtld’s going forward. They are going to do what they do, domainers will not dictate their uses. They may control the marketplace, but if they are going to work within marketing teams that is on them to figure out.

      The registries have been holding more back, labeling more premium, and probably cutting back on ad spending as they felt they were on cruise control. The latest stats show they are hitting a wall, and some of those dollars are drying up. What they do going forward probably will be to release a few more names, ramp up ad spending, and marketing, and maybe go back, and cut some premiums on unregistered names.

      This has nothing to do with fear, it is just what makes good business sense. To all that have stayed away, and focused on .com, they are probably ahead right now from a financial perspective, the ones who have plugged into gtld’s are taking a risk, and it may, or may not payoff, but they would have missed out given today’s conditions.

      I do not refute your plan for gtld’s, but even you know 99% of domainers cannot afford to buy a few gtld’s with premium EAP pricing, and premium renewal every week for the next few years with very different set of conditions. The registries are making all the rules, the risk of a dictator type rule very much is plausible with some of these registries.

    • I agree with some of your assessment. Where we differ would be the end result. With new technologies there is always a learning curve. Those in the “supply chain” will adjust to conditions as needed in order to succeed… In the end, “dictator type rule” will lose to enterprising entrepreneurship resulting in new behaviors….

    • The registries have to give you notice before increasing prices, which would allow you to renew the domains for regular prices for up to 10 years.

      Of course, if a registry does jack up prices it will be more difficult to sell the domains.

  6. Ive had a few nibbles,around the 3 to 5k mark,on some really good .today and .company names,I really brought the .company ones for end users and have reached out to a few companies,have one business VERY interested at about 20k so we’ll see,the .companies are all 3 and 4 letter names.RAIDER what’s your secret..if I may be so bold??

  7. Me a little slooow tonight,thanks Raymond,never trust a women,the best liars.I do have some nibbles though,and maybe a sale coming,at around 20k,fingers crossed.You know the saying…”if it’s got t$ts or tires your going to have trouble with it! I’ll keep you posted though if a sale comes around.

    • “never trust a women”..”You know the saying…”if it’s got t$ts or tires”

      WTF? Excuse Me??

      There are a lot of smart, respectable women in the domain industry including Raider.

    • Horizon – The many wonderful women in my life would be disappointed if I did not ask you to apologize….Please apologize?

    • And the long list of domainers who fabricated all sorts of reasons why .name, info, .mobi .adult and others were “needed” TLD’s, they were honest? If you think they were, that would make them gullible or uneducated fools who didn’t know what they were talking about, Fools who just so happened to be predominately Male, hmmmm

      ”if it’s got t$ts or tires your going to have trouble with it!”

      I’m sorry to hear you were that much trouble.

    • “And why would you say that about women in general? That’s not funny nor is it true.”

      Comments like that are reminiscent from ones made on that other forum, Were in their cave and not a lot can be done about it until more Women get involved in domaining.. I think what ticks me off the most is the people who run the forums and blogs say absolutely nothing about it, never denouncing it.

      Anyhow, I appreciate the shout out 🙂

      • Believe it or not, I don’t read all comments that are posted. Many comments are automatically approved without moderation if the author has posted before.

        I went on a long bike ride this afternoon and was playing catch up when I got back.

        That said, I totally disagree with Horizon’s sentiment. I trust a woman (Tia) to manage several of my websites without issue. I hope Horizon was making the comment in jest, but even if it was, it wasn’t an appropriate comment for a public venue.

    • Apparently, Horizon does not want to apologize. I am sorry you women in the industry have to put up with this. I am absolutely horrified for you women. How is something that repulsive mentioned and there is no “denouncing” it, as Raider mentioned? It is beyond fathomable and says a lot about the domain industry as a whole….I am consistently amazed at the ethics and morals of the domain industry……C’mon guys! REALLY??!!!

    • You guys do realize this is a non personal blog, and he didn’t say it to anyone specific, I think he just meant it joking around, and nothing really to sexist. Kind of like how guys joke around about their wives while playing poker, you are creating drama for no reason. There are millions of people saying stupid stuff online, learn to ignore them.

  8. I now have quite a few GTLD’s here so I would be happy to receive inquiries or offers for these.

    Thanks Elliot

  9. I’ve already gotten one unsolicited reverse purchase inquiry because of a .com I have by someone offering a .guru. 😀

  10. I have recieved an offer of 2k for but i didn’t make adeal i expect a 5 figure offer for that.
    I have registred other domains :

    But i didn’t recieve any offer except for

  11. Had an offer on

    must have been from NP only place posted.

    Spend more on cigarettes in a week though 🙂 and i dont smoke that much.

    Had an enquiry on nothing come of it.

    not to bad i own about 30 new names.

    have had 100 or so in my cart at dynadot but cant pull the trigger.

    and cant believe how many pretty good names are still out there. 450 bucks but come on, what a name. that says something right there.

  12. I have few New GTLD’s here so I would be happy to receive inquiries or offers for these domains below.





    If anybody interested in any of the above domains please reach me @

  13. Here are some of my new gTLDs registration (I just post the english ones): (Social Media Marketing or Social Media Management) (PREMIUM Domain Name / allready 7 BIDs at (Paid To Click Link)

  14. I get an inquiry on fairly often. It does seem like other domainers though and not end users. I personally like the .guru and especially the single letter ones because they are only 5 letters long in total. some of these long tld just do not make much sense to me. Who wants to type in 10 letters to the right of the dot? I am not sure. It is exciting but I am not sure .com is really going anywhere. I have received more inquiries on my .com domains since the launch than ever. So maybe the new tlds have brought more people to the internet and they are all still wanting a .com.

  15. Yes, I pre-ordered a number of TLDs with my city name, i.e.,, etc. and one of them I ended up with I just resold for about 10x the cost.

  16. I am a web developer and I own about 100 new gtlds, don’t want to sell now because it is not worth it imo, unless if I get a really good offer. So I only put some on Sedo. Also planning to develop some of them. is already online.

    I got an offer of 100$ for so far, wich I refused immediately. Paid the domain 35$, Sedo is keeping 50$ so I would only make 15$ profit. What’s the point?

    I think is worth much more.

    What do you think?

  17. Self-reported sales numbers tend to be self-serving. So we’re seeing a mixture of facts and dishonesty in this thread.

    Some sales of domains in vanity extensions are happening, of course, as would be expected.

    Doing no outreach, I’ve sold only 1 nTLD domain so far (that I can remember, at least). I’ve had end-user inquiries as well, but it’s the usual trickle. If I took time to contact potential buyers, the numbers would probably be higher — just as they would if I marketed my .COMs. But I doubt the sales volume or sales amounts would be as high — for me, at least — as some of the numbers being boasted about (real or unreal) here in this thread.

    Maybe I’m wrong and end users would devour my nTLD domains for 4 or 5-figure amounts right after reading an email. That seems unlikely, but I haven’t bothered to test the hypothesis either way. For the most part, I’ll be pricing these lower in any case.

  18. People need only look at dnjournal to see there is almost nothing happening in terms of resales. Pointless asking people about offers, because 75% of it will be BS when it comes to new tlds.

  19. I have about80 new gTLDs. Been marketing them to end-users, ie to wineries and tour companies, to ski magazines and resorts. I have probably only sent 200 or so emails. No responses at this volume. My belief is that it will take phone calls and education before end-users aren’t throw off by the extensions and the initial reaction of ‘is that even a domain name?’ Regardless, I like my portfolio and plan on investing as we go. Some great domain names that make perfect end-user sense. I still think that (someday) Google will allow you to seamlessly port your website to any domain name and move your SEO with it through webmaster tools. There has to be a market change which makes it easy to move your website to a new domain to really open up the domain market.

  20. Following unique domain names for sale


    Email :

    • Mr. John I didnt ask for opinion or comment I post the domains for sale if you are not interested just ignore and for your kind information I got offer from for the domain &


    All for sale. Think about the strategy – potential buyers must have cash to spend on marketing. What companies have large cash reserves? Construction firms. Makes sense. Big opportunity.


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