Need Matzah in NYC? Try Matzah.NYC


Domain industry attorney Jason Schaeffer shared a neat usage of a .NYC domain name I thought I would share with readers.

The Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach) is coming up this week. For Jewish people around the world, matzah (unleavened bread) is one important aspect of the Passover seders and the holiday. Finding and buying matzah can be quite challenging while quarantining due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

For those in need of matzah in New York City, the Mitzvah Tank is offering to supply it, and they are using a .NYC domain name to promote the offer: Matzah.NYC:

People can visit Matzah.NYC, provide their information, and someone affiliated with the Mitzvah Tank will bring them a box of handmade shmurah Matzah.

There are a couple of reasons I think this is a good domain name choice. Matzah.NYC was a hand registration, so buying this for the small registration fee was wise considering it is being used by a religious organization to give away matzah. I also think this was a good choice because it’s very specifically geotargeted for the area it serves.

This is a neat and timely offer, and it stood out to me because of the usage of a .NYC domain name.


  1. Another great use of a .nyc domain name.

    Of the many niches that I follow within geoTLDs, religion, food and causes have done well for me as investments and as an observer short 1-word .nycs are the domains you see frequently in the wild. was a domain I sold and the buyers have done an incredible job:

    Waffle(s).nyc were the first .nyc domains I sold.

    **Local** causes (charities/religious entities) benefit greatly from ditching .org for their .nyc (or other .geo) – you will see this happening as the causes get closer to their communities.

  2. Geo domain values will get hard with the tourism industry now shut down. Wasting your time trying to promote this to domainers Matt.

  3. is cool use of name during covid.helps people find restaurants that cell excess inventory from their cellars. is amazing and creative way to maximize .nyc usage. Much better then .com for this specific function.

  4. Snoopy, you may not have noticed but this isn’t my blog, I didn’t write the article, I just left a comment. Why do you think that my comment or Elliot’s article is trying to promote anything?

    As Elliot mentioned Jason Schaeffer (domain industry attorney) shared timely .nyc usage.

    Also why do you think think that geoTLDs need tourist views to survive or have value?
    You’re trying a new critique, well done for that, but you are so clueless…

    • Geo domains are all about travel, these names will fall sharply in value.

      Never said there was any issue with Elliots article, not surprised to see you try that strategy again to though.

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