NamesCon Sponsor Spotlight: NamePal

namepalIn just about two weeks, hundreds of people will be traveling to Las Vegas for NamesCon! We are expecting a big turnout – with over 1,400 attendees expected.

To help introduce and connect our sponsors with attendees, we are running the NamesCon Sponsor Spotlight interview series. Today’s interview is with Arthur Poghosian, CEO of NamePal.

Thank you to Arthur for participating and see you at NamesCon!

What is your company’s mandate; what sets you apart?

NamePal’s mandate has always been influenced by domainers’ needs. Such ideology brought us to have a Prime Mission – to build a necessary environment for successful growth of fellow domainers. We are striving to create innovative technology, provide useful tools and responsible support required in today’s domain industry.

Who benefits from your product or service?

If price, security, comfort, expansion are major factors for your success, then NamePal is the place.

What factors have contributed to your company’s growth and success?

The ability to change and adapt to the industry’s needs.

What’s the story behind how your company was founded?

Back in 2009, while serving at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs I met a brilliant IT guru and my future business partner, Eugene Melnichenko. Starting with a small portfolio of names, we found ourself developing an industry standard registrar to manage the names. Not long after, we have attracted another guru, Jay Weissman, to lead the hosting department. Such bright sequences of events got us to the point when industry standard was not enough for us or our clients, so we decided to go and build our pride –

How will your company engage attendees at the upcoming NamesCon?

Fetch! Fetch! Fetch! This is our innovative product with patent-pending method which aggregates multiple leading backordering platforms. Aren’t you tired of placing the name you want through different clubs and eventually missing it, simply because you ignored the club that never catches anything ? I bet every domainer knows that feeling… Well, now we have a solution: one place with multiple backordering clubs. Simply pass it on us and we will fetch it for you through multiple platforms. We guarantee a 99% success rate. And that is not all, what happens when you backorder names through multiple platform? You get stuck with multiple registrars and in order to manage the names, you have to go thru all of them. Not with NamePal. Here you can remotely manage the name regardless of what backordering club got it for you. For more information visit FETCH.NAMEPAL.COM

Where can attendees find out more about your company, product or services while at NamesCon?

Just look for a Blue Dog Fetching a ball and you won’t miss us at the Networking Lane or Exhibit Hall. Or visit FETCH.NAMEPAL.COM


  1. The url is not live yet. Leads to a 404 error
    Also, the backordering platform has some caveats and potential issues (notwithstanding the bugs). I’ve been an early Beta Tester for “Fetch” . Can provide more information to anyone who is interested.

    • Hi AJ, the url FETCH.NAMEPAL.COM will be available only on this coming Monday the 9th. Didn’t expect the article to arrive so soon 😉 but tnx for the heads up. Please let me know if you are going to visit the NamesCon, I would love to meet you in person to offer you some free backordering credits as our appreciation for your contribution to the system and if possible, to know all about the potentials issues you found there.

      BTW we constantly improve the system and it will still stay in Beta till the January 22nd, 2017. Our team is working hard to get it all bug free, so we can get it live on the night of NamesCon opening date !!!

      In the mean time feel free to email us at

    • Hey Arthur,

      Thank you for the reply. I’ll try out Fetch once it is live.

      I’d love to attend Namescon but I live in India so I can’t really afford traveling to the states just for Namescon.

      Anyway, I’m in touch with Samuel from your team and I’ve reported several issues previously to him. There are a few outstanding issues but I hope they’ll be sorted with Fetch. I’ll try it out once the new service is live. I’m happy to share them with you as well if you prefer.

      Is Fetch a radical change from the current beta backordering platform? Or is it an evolution of the same?

      Good luck with the new launch and Namescon.

  2. No way to reach to Arthur, but been having a horrid time with both namepal and fetch. Completely rotten system!

    Oh and they claim 24×7 support but it is NOT 24×7. Their entire support is maintained by one person (Sam, who’s great by the way) and cannot humanly provide 24×7. Even right now, they have not responded to e-mails from yesterday, their phone lines are unstaffed and instant messaging is anything but instant.

    @Richard: If you can get word to Arthur, please direct this comment to him. Thank you

  3. Hi AJ, really feel bad about your experience and looking forward to resolve it for you. I’m confident that there was some miscommunication since we are dedicated to provide adequate support for our products. Not exactly sure what level of support do you need, but in any case please feel free to contact me directly


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