NamesCon Auction This Afternoon

As you’ve likely heard by now, NamesCon will be conducting its first domain name auction later on this afternoon. The auction was organized by Right of the Dot (ROTD), and there is a big focus on the new gTLD domain names. Just about every time I’ve seen ROTD founders Monte Cahn and Mike Berkens at NamesCon, the duo seem to be huddling together over a laptop, most likely working on the auction.

I am most curious to see how the bidding goes on the new gTLD domain names. Although I have heard about many new gTLD sales, most seem to be private and unreported (sidenote, if I ran a new domain name registry, I would prohibit non-disclosure agreements on registry sales). This auction may give more of an indication about the new gTLD aftermarket, although usage of domain names will trump big sales.

There are a variety of domain names from new extensions including .NYC, .Vegas, .XYZ, .Domains, .Website, .Wiki, and others. I am unsure if the majority of these are privately owned or submitted for sale by the respective registries. There are also many .com domain names, some of which are of high value.

At the present time, more than 40 of the auction lots have pre-bids. Over 35 of the auction lots with bids have already met reserve and will sell. There are quite a few .Vegas and .NYC domain names that have met reserve (or had no reserve) and will sell.

According to the NamesCon agenda page, there will be a live video feed of the auction, and you can follow along (and bid) via Snapnames if you are not here in Las Vegas at the conference. Telephone bids will be accepted as well, but with the auction fast approaching, that should be set up by interested parties ASAP. There are more details about the auction and auction bidding available on the NamesCon website.

From what I’ve seen and heard, the Right of the Dot team worked very hard to promote the auction. I am eager to see how this auction does.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. gTLD auctions will be a car crash. Domainers are notoriously cheap as it is, add in gTLDs and it will be fun to watch closing prices on these. I predict a room full of people looking bored or chatting with each other, then a .com will come up and they’ll perk up, then more gTLDs and they will be bored.

  2. “This auction may give more of an indication about the new gTLD aftermarket”

    I would agree but only if they had good quality GTLDs in the auction but unfortunately it is loaded with barely mediocre names with once again ridiculous reserves.

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