NamesCon 2016 Sponsor Spotlight on HEXONET

NamesCon is rapidly approaching, and over 950 people have registered for this year’s conference! NamesCon will take place in Las Vegas from January 10-13, and conference tickets are still available!

Today’s NamesCon sponsor spotlight interview is with Robert Birkner, Chief Strategy Officer of HEXONET. Robert shared some information about the company, his thoughts on the current state of the domain space, and his experience at NamesCon.

If you have any questions about HEXONET or questions for Robert, you are welcome to leave them in the comment section of this interview.

What is your company’s mandate, what sets you apart?

HEXONET strives to be one of the best technology and engineering companies for the domain name industry. Our reputation of building and operating scalable, high-performance and highly-reliable domain names systems is what we are known for.

Who benefits from your product or service?

Thousands of resellers from domain service providers, web hosting companies, web consultants, and more use HEXONET to power their domain registrations. And many of the TOP-20 registrars in the world choose HEXONET’s platforms to help them register and manage many of their domain names.

What factors have contributed to your company’s growth and success?

HEXONET has always been an engineering first company. Even most of HEXONET’s employees are engineers. Delivering industry-leading domain name innovations and systems in our past and into future is the key to HEXONET’s success.

What’s the story behind how your company was founded?

HEXONET was found in 1999 as the engineering and technology wing for the domain industry. In 2008, HEXONET shifted to not only building domain name technology but also selling domain names through a reseller platform. In just a short period of time, HEXONET now manages close to three (3) million domain names for its resellers and partner registrars.

How would you define your company strategy and vision?

The strategy and vision is same as when HEXONET started, to develop the best technology and platforms for the domain industry period. With better technology, registrars and resellers, from small businesses to enterprise companies, they come to HEXONET to integrate with us and have us power their domain business.

What major milestones has your company accomplished?

In a little over 7 years, HEXONET has grown from small startup to now manage close to three (3) million domain names for its resellers and partner registrars. The impressive part in reaching this milestone is that the rate of domain name growth is accelerating and the next million will be added even faster!

How will your company engage attendees at the upcoming NamesCon?

HEXONET will be a sponsor at the intensive one-day networking and exhibition event called the Network Lane, on the first day of the conference. We have emailed our resellers and partner companies to come visit us during the Network Lane event.

Can you tell us about your first time at NamesCon and what you got out of it?

HEXONET has been attending as well as supporting NamesCon since its first event in 2014. We have come back every year and have increased our participation every year because the of the quality of the attendees and the professionalism of the show. In our opinion, Namescon is by far the premier show to attend in the Domain Industry!

What was one of the most memorable sessions or keynotes at a previous NamesCon?

No one session or keynote defines NamesCon for us. NameCon has had many great speakers and guests, which attract high quality attendees.

How has NamesCon helped your company achieve its goals?

NamesCon the perfect time for HEXONET to connect with our clients, partners and people in industry, from domain developers, portfolio investors, private equity/venture capitalists, IP professionals, registrars, registries and more. Show continuing to run the show professionally and working directly with sponsors like HEXONET help us a great deal.

What are your thoughts on the new TLDs?

In order for new TLDs to grow, “Domain Searching” needs to improve industry-wide. Given the explosion of new extensions, search results need to be more meaningful and relevant. Choice is good, but too much choice right now is causing confusion. A elegant new methodology that encompasses and simplifies the wide variety of new TLDs will help in the acceptance of new TLDs.

What are you most looking forward to at the upcoming conference?

NamesCon the perfect time for HEXONET to connect with our clients, partners and people in industry. Every year we look forward to connecting and reconnecting with people face to face.

Where can attendees find out more about your company, product or services while at NamesCon?

HEXONET invites clients, partners, friends and anyone interested in speaking with us to come to our stand at the Network Lane on the first day of the conference. Those that want a private meeting can email us at


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