NameJet Backorder Closing Time One Hour Later

For many years, I would place my NameJet backorders right before the 11pm Eastern closing time. This was at the end of the evening for me, so the backorder time was pretty convenient as I was often shutting things down for the evening.

At some point in the last couple of weeks, I noticed a change at NameJet. The backorder closing time shifted one hour later – to midnight Eastern time. This gives people an extra hour to place backorders on domain names coming up for auction on NameJet and SnapNames. I believe this change is related to the integration of NameJet and SnapNames that is happening slowly.

I hardly ever bid on SnapNames, but other changes I have noticed in the last couple of weeks on NameJet:

– All auctions have NameJet and SnapNames bidders
– Some auctions start around 2:30AM Eastern time
– Some NameJet auctions that aren’t pending delete have starting bids of $79
– Auction bid increments are sometimes different, presumably the names that would have been exclusively on SnapNames

Ultimately, I think there are more advantages for me than disadvantages. I am seeing more names available on NameJet, which is helpful considering I did not bid much on SnapNames. I also like the extra hour before the backorder closing time because there are times when I need an extra few minutes due to various things. Yes, there is more competition, but there probably aren’t many people like me who almost exclusively bid on one platform over the other.

If you noticed other changes, for better or worse, feel free to share them.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • I will send a link to this comment to Jeff from DropCatch to see if he can provide an update. I am also dealing with a technical issue at the moment. A name was reauctioned due to a NPB, and I won the auction a couple of days ago. Despite showing up as a won auction, it did not go to my shopping cart to purchase. I am wondering if whatever issue is happening to the name now also happened to the previous winning bidder preventing him from paying and causing the default.

  1. I am a longtime snapnames user and i hate the staggering of domain auctions. with snapnames all domain auctions ended at the same time and it meant usually less time having to monitor them. now i have to watch them for hours due to the staggering of time. its annoying.

  2. We had a user who had placed a backorder on the domain who didn’t have an auction alias set on their account. Instead of the auction starting with one user who didn’t have an alias, we were alerted of the issue. As soon as we were able to validate all information on the auction, including why this user didn’t have an alias, we started the auction.

      • It was a result of the user creating the account on NameBright and then logging into Because the account process on NameBright doesn’t require this information they logged into DropCatch and placed a backorder. This is the first instance of this occurring, and in place of the previous pop up we had we have ensured that users must set an alias before placing a backorder if the account creation process was completed through to prevent this from occurring in the future.

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