NameBright: “Upcoming Price Hikes for .Com – Voice Your Opinion!”

Earlier today, I shared an email Dynadot sent to its customers to notify them of the potential for price hikes on .com domain names and let them know they can share their comments to ICANN. I think it is a good idea for registrars to let their customers know about this hot button issue that impacts all .com domain name registrants. If the wholesale price of .com domain names increases, it is the registrars that will have to explain the reason why to their customers, so now is a very good time to let them know they can share comments with ICANN to oppose the increases.

NameBright also sent its customers an email with a similar message to the one sent by Dynadot. Here’s how Name Bright let its customers know about the issue:

Dear NameBright Customer,

The organizations which oversee .com pricing, ICANN and Verisign, are considering a plan to dramatically increase the cost of owning domain names.

If adopted, the price you pay for .COM domain names could increase 30% over the next 4 years, and even more thereafter.

If you oppose paying more to register and renew domain names, it is important that you share your opinion now during the public comment period, which ends soon.

Two easy ways to make sure your voice is heard are:

  1. The Internet Commerce Association has made submitting comments easy at
  2. Send an email directly to comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20@icann.orgwith your thoughts on prices being raised.

If we act now, we can steer ICANN away from these unjustified price hikes. Thank you for your attention to this very urgent matter.



Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Why would you want .com price to increase to $30 / year ??????
      Are you a Verisign employee or shareholder ?

      Verisign is the most profitable company in the world, enjoying a monopoly.
      The cost of managing a domain at the registry level is going down each year, why the hell would you want the price to increase for registrants ???

      The estimated cost per domain is below $2 so anything above $4 is stealing money from registrants.

      The price for a .COM should come WAY down, not up!!!
      The .COM contract should be put for bid then we would pay the real price, not anything over inflated like today.

      • “When an already existing super inflated license to print money isn’t enough, and you want the oligarchs to be able to take far far more from you with a new and improved license to print money…”

      • Deep State would love to see the price of .com to cost $30.00 a year. Deep State controls ICANN. Deep State is Pure Evil. Deep State Motto is New World Order. You can stop $30.00 a year for a .com domain. Send your email to President Trump at to stop the ICANN ripoff.

        • I’d suggest you are dreaming in a very big way if you think he cares about that except in the opposite way as a friend of the rich and the plutocrats. Unless you’re just faking this too…

    • Your “logic” (not) is so off the charts stupid that I’m just too old to not go straight to “stupid” and in 99.9% of cases I would say statements like yours have to be “dishonest” to begin with and not just stupid anyway.


      Or maybe you just work on the side that stands to benefit…

      And if you really are such a dupe, then I’m a bit sorry for being so blunt, but sometimes it’s necessary, and you would need a lot of help now.

  1. I just sent a email to President Trump at and asked him to stop ICANN . ICANN Motto is One World. One Internet. Deep State controls ICANN. Deep State Motto is One World Order. Tell President Trump how you feel at . President Trump has the power to shut down ICANN . Do not take ICANN B.S.

  2. At this point it seems a good idea to remind people that legacy TLDs – especially .com – are a public trust. They should be managed in the best interests of the shareholders, i.e. every person who does *not* want to turn them into a de facto private resource and license to print money at the world’s expense and who wants the same opportunity they represented from the beginning to those who’ve already both benefited from and contributed to society with them.

  3. Hello Elliot,

    Please write a post asking all the registrars to ask their customers to contact ICANN and post comments disapproving the price hike.

    Can you imagine millions of customers of GoDaddy posting comments? It will be the most amazing thing and there’s no way ICANN can ignore hundreds of thousands of comments.

    I am sure all of your readers will be so grateful to you for doing this.

    Thanks for considering.

  4. I think namebright would take a $10M hit on the first increase, they should take a break from godaddy for a week, and spend that money to lobby

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