My Recent Acquisitions

As I do from time to time, I want to share a few select recent acquisitions my company has made. All of these acquisitions were either made in private or via auction.

You are more than welcome to share your own  acquisitions  below, and of course if you have an interest in purchasing one of these domain names, please be in touch.


I also hand registered a few names as well, including:


Feel free to share below.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


    • Unless you are a rookie, you should have figured it out in the last two years of posts like this. Nevertheless, with the amount of auctions that seem to repeat themselves (probably because of non-paying bidders), I edited your comment because I don’t need my alias to be public 😉

  1. within the past month or so (in no particular order): (SOLD)

  2. I see few GEO domains in the list. Can you share, how do you go about selling the GEO domains to the end users? Any specific tips would be helpful.

  3. The market for is insanely huge I bet. It seems everyone with a Twitter account and Facebook page is self-anointing themselves as one now.

    Despite my vow to be disciplined regarding extension, my most recent acquisitions were some .co’s I could just not pass on:,,,, etc.


    Excellent names Elliot, both are relevant now but will also grow in value.

    If you were asking, which you are not, I would 100% say these are keepers even though I know you like to remain liquid.

    Warm regards.

  5. Not so recently acquired but your social media names reminded me I have

    A few of my recent pickups include,, + all variations, (to go w/ my and hand reg’d

  6. Elliot, a bit off topic:

    Any thoughts regarding the recent Google algorithm update that reportedly targeted exact match domains? In addition, did you notice any impact on any of your web properties? Thanks.

    • Only comment is that I think this will impact mini sites and other sites light on content. You really need to have good quality content and information on your EMD to get good rankings, especially in competitive verticals.

    • Hello Adam,

      Sorry to add but I thought you might like to hear this.

      I recently acquired a seven year old .com in a medium competitive term with well established sites competing for my exact match term on Google. I am waiting for the content to be completed but in the interim I though I would put up the premium wordpress theme with zero content.

      Week one and I appear on page 1 of google, 10 days later and I am moving up the rankings. Its a gambling term no less.

    • Elliot,

      100% agreed however your first point about content is also correct. What an exact match domain gives you is the initial positioning which you will not get, and may chase forever, with a lesser domain name. Maintaining the position will be down to, as you said, good content.

      The problem Google has in trying to lessen the power of exact match domains is, no matter how many MIT degrees you have in a room, how do you write an algorithm that knows Facebook is a brand and yellow widgets isnt. Whats worse is that yellow widgets can now have all the social media traffic and activity too which only makes it even harder to know the difference.

    • Yes, Elliot . You are right . Its call the honeymoon period 🙂
      where Google will make it visible on the 1 page or so, then it will drop it and see how dip will it sink or raise again. Which means Back links contents should be relevance and its up to the webmaster how fast he makes his way up from the sink hole.

      The domain of course will still have a power of jack to lift the domain better if complemented by relevance post/article/goods whatever..

  7. Very nice pick on Elliot.

    I have a couple of related domains if you are interested:

  8. Grabbed in auction:

    Hand regged: (my favorite hand reg in recent history)
    (As SD would say, “future trend domaining”) & (why not)

  9. Elliot,

    I know you are fund of the word “acquisition”, so you might be interested in branding my:

    Aqztion this week – developing already – Developed – Developed

    ..Check out more at

    • Just an opinion on brandables…..
      I’ve sold quite a few lately for a handsome profit. I see a trend in short brandables by startups and end users.

      My portfolio consists of all sorts of domain names, which is both good and bad- the diversity that is. The short, brandables have been on FIRE. Just my experience. I know Geo’s and solid one word .coms and all that fair much better in the market and are easier to develop most of the time.

      The downside to a nice brandable is, normally you have to wait for that company to come along, and that could take some time. Further, if you plan on building a brand yourself, you better be in it for the long haul and be ready for some hard work.

      I like these threads, they engage your readers, Elliot.

    • Sidenote- the “brandables” I’m talking about are a bit different then Uzoma’s, let that be said. I’m going to side with Elliot on this one, that those would be hard to remember brandnames.

      Simplicity = $.

    • I don’t disagree, but I want to keep a small portfolio, and it’s difficult to find buyers for brandables. When they find you, there’s good money to be made, but you need to own quite a bit.

      It’s kind of like finding oil. Sure, if you own an 10 acres of land in Texas, perhaps you will find some oil. If you own one million acres, you will likely have some on your land.

    • If you can spell, you can spell, that’s why I did defensive reg of all its alternatives; besides, it’s fun. Web 3.0 companies will like it some day or I will develop it myself.

    • Spell check won’t help you if you make the mistake, and Google would likely return “Did you mean acquisition?”

      Sure, someone might want to buy it, or you could keep renewing at $30/year for 20 years and not get a single bite or visit 🙂

    • Brandables don’t give Google that much thought. It’s based just on the sound of the name, or wit, or something magical, something indescribable. If you are looking for natural page rank mobility alone, or ad sense clicks, brandables are not for you, I agree. That way, you should buy my

    • I agree with you here as well. I am semi-heavy on brandables, like I said, and the offers come in fairly consistently. To agree with you again- you need quite a few to have an influx of offers.

  10. Hand Regged-

  11. Elliot,
    i like &

    Some of my recent com’s and co’s acquisitions



  12. “”You know I don’t like brandable names… those are confusing, hard to remember, and tough to spell.””

    Oh, come on Elliot, names like are a walk in the park to spell and remember. Definitely worth…, well…something, no?

    Real nice p/u on the Social Media names.

  13. Just handregged 5 minutes ago Not the greatest but its to the point and worth far more than the 8 bucks I paid for it. and are Gold. Nice ones Elliot.

    Just because I think gtld’s are going to kill domaining does not mean I am not buying names in the interim.

  14. Nice pick ups, Elliot!

    Some recent acquisitions:

    Hand regd:

  15. Hand registered (Soon to be Trillionaire Business) (Big business) (Huge Potential) (BARGAIN)


  17. Elliot – Great thread, but ONE MAJOR QUESTION:

    You reference the domains that you’ve hand registered. I haven’t dabbled much in selling hand registered domains. So, when you hand register a domain and attempt to flip it a few months later, doesn’t the end user just say “Hey, you just registered it for $10 a few weeks ago. So Hell No!”

    How do you navigate this?

    • Never been asked. I rarely try to sell hand registered domain names anymore. Most of my sales of hand registered names come from direct inquiries, and if someone were to mention it, I would tell them they can either pay my asking price or registered something else. I have little patience dealing with people who want to buy my name but don’t want to pay my asking prices.

  18. Elliot these threads are great. I’m just starting out and your blog has been invaluable.

    Some of my first purchases: (I’m a massive Apple fanboy and I know this domain is kind of silly but with all the press the new Apple maps has received the past couple of weeks I was surprised no one registered this)

    Thanks again!

  19. Elliot,

    I posted that I am irritated by your practice of promoting the “Elite” domain listings on, and not this post, where a majority of your readers tarry. It is illogical. I believe you should promote this one as well.

  20. BiomedicalCloud(.)com

    And about a dozen on the drop at $10 each, one sold yesterday for $899 🙂 (tire in French)

  21. I feel good about some of my domain purchases when I see you buy domains such as;


  22. LongIslandYellowPages – I have a few questions about your web sites. How can I get in touch with you?

    Elliot – would you mind pinging him/her if he doesn’t reply to my post (I’m not asking you to give me his email address 🙂 )?


  23. Elliot,

    Here’s another Brand set up today in both domain name and twitter account, it’s a play on “revved up” for a software or App startup, or even a fortune 500 co, ready for that web 3.0 guru:

  24. Picked up a few drops recently:

  25. Elliot,

    I have a very serious question for you. Very often, when I have a debate with you on this blog, you garner loads of “like”, and I get none. Fine. In my business, I care about “after the sale service and followup”. It’s not just to sell domains based on hype. My question to you, to justify your expertise, name one domain you ever sold that got developed into a successful website by the buyer. Thank you.

    • 1 vote for Likes/dislikes per IP.

      Here’s a list of select domain names I have owned and sold:

      Not sure why it matters, but here are a few that have been developed:

      I don’t really care what the buyer does with the name as long as the wire clears.

    • Impressive. I like the fact that you answered the question with solid names that have been developed, but I’m disappointed in your conclusion that you “don’t really care what the buyer does with the name as long as the wire clears”, that is not good “customer care” attitude. It’s true that a buyer is at liberty to do as they please with their product after purchase, still, a seller should care after the wire clears, and should be available to render support if one is needed. All the same, thanks for answering my question. Good bye.

    • Once the name is transferred it’s out of my hands and I have nothing to do it anymore.

      If you sell a home, do you care if the buyer adds a bathroom or tears it down to build a nicer home? I don’t think so.

    • In the past, when I sold a home, I do follow up calls to see if they moved in okay. Ascertain if the plumbing and electrical are working just fine, and I also add them to my portfolio for prospective buyers. You got me?

    • I don’t know why you would ever want to do that. What if they tell you that the SubZero just broke down or the AC isn’t working and they want you to pay for it? I am sure you aren’t going to give them money back if your hands are clean and all was in good shape when you left, right?

      When I sell a domain name, I am just selling an empty piece of land (aside from which was developed). There is no reason to call and see how things are going. It’s none of my business.

      I don’t recall a seller ever emailing me after selling me a name to ask how things are going.

      I also don’t want to hear a sob story about a failed project asking for their money back if they scraped development plans. Why would you or I ever want to deal with that?

      The only reason to be in touch with a past buyer is to sell other inventory if you have something of interest.

  26. Hi im totally new to domaining.

    I have a few domains currently in my portfolio.

    Most of these were purchased within the last 2 months although others were bought and used for a few years. / / / info / org info / info

    I wouldnt mind finding out if there are any gems amongst those, also best way to monitize domains.


  27. Elliot,

    I believe your question was “If you sell a home, do you care if the buyer adds a bathroom or tears it down to build a nicer home? I don’t think so”

    So I answered it. You proceeded to change the analogy to land. However, the same sentiment applies to whatever you want to use. If you know you will ever approach a buyer for a second deal, it’s a good idea to care beyond the “wire” clearance.

    Oh also, on the issue of the buyer asking for his money back, that all depends on the contract at the time of the sale. You can’t run away from the buyer by staying away from the buyer. If it is stipulated that the buyer can get his/her money back for whatever, then he/she can; if it is not, then he/she can’t.


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