My Final Acquisition of 2012

I just completed what should be my final acquisition of 2012. This afternoon, I won the NameJet auction for There were only 23 bidders, which is fewer than I expected. I think this will end up becoming a decent flip in the new year.

A few other recent private acquisitions (via auction and private negotiation) include the following:

  • (or

What were your final acquisitions of 2012?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Here are some of my latest acquisitions

    And yes, I am always open for the offers on these domains 🙂

  2. My last 2012 acquisitions are –

    And to coincide with all the new ‘dot whatever’ domains coming:

  3. These are some of my favourites posts of yours, elliot. It is always so beneficial to see what you are investing in.

    Here are my last of 2012

  4. Final Acquisition (all in last few days)







  5. I acquired on average 2 domains a day for all of 2012. My most productive year yet.

    For the last day of the year, I picked up 9 domains.

    Looking forward to flipping some of them in 2013 as the inventory has become so big I would require a secretary to renew my domains all year long.

    Luckily, I MAKE BANK.

  6. Even though there is market demand for “pre-foreclosure homes,” there are too few searches to make this a category killer. However, I’m sure an end-user will make you a nice offer in the near future to reward you.

    I know of another foreclosure domain for sale. It is aged 12-13 years old. This domain is top notch. If you’re interested, let me know because I know the domain holder.

    My acquisitions were all movie dot com domains. Two have 1,000 and 1,900 exact match searches on AdWords, one has 880, and the rest are within the same search margin.

    Happy New Year 2013! Keep inspiring people. Thanks.

    • @Elliot,

      You’re right. Your foreclosure domain will sell between those price points. There is demand for these types of homes. Another avenue is short-sales, too.

      There is another quality foreclosure domain I know of that compliments your usual purchases. I had no idea you were looking for home-related domain names. The birthdate on this foreclosure domain is 1999.

      I’ll shoot an e-mail to the domain holder who requested me to find a buyer the past few years. I contacted banks and real estate buyers, which I assumed were the right fit. I’m sure he would be interested moving the domain, especially if you want to acquire another foreclose dot com domain to enhance your portfolio.

      The birthdate on your recent foreclosure domain is 2002. Both domains could promote one another. This 1999 domain has more than 1,000+ exact match searches on the online valuations and has the same number of searches as your domain using AdWords.

      Have a great start to 2013.

    • Again, sorry if I’m stepping on toes (again!) but PREFORECLOSUREHOMES.COM has negligible value. I would not hand reg it if it is released.

      Although I sake my head how the thought processes people use to acquire domains, it does tickle me that while others are chasing the wrong domains, I am MAKING BANK.

      Happy 2013!

    • I call bullshit on your making bank. There aren’t any “anonymous” trolls who make bank in this business. The rich guys are mostly positive and certainly don’t shit on others on blogs and forums. Wastes too much valuable time and it’s pointless. Hopefully I’ll be able to share the sale price on this one. Your comment motivates me to sell the crap out of this name.

    • Losers that say “I make bank” are the ones that don’t make squat. They think they’re living large cause they live rent free at mommy and daddy’s house.

      He probably wouldn’t register it cause he only registers typos and trademarks.

      @Elliot, motivation is great but I wouldn’t let this JA bother you too much.

      Good luck on that name.

    {It’s a UK thing}


  9. The smart wallet / mobile wallet / mobile payment market industry is expected to be a $1 trillion dollar market by 2014 according to Mobile payments are already popular in Europe, and are expected to increase largely worldwide. Mobile deposits are already available by almost all bigger banks and will eventually be available by all financial institutions.. I liked these two and think they have potential. Two of my personal favorite picks I chose at the end of 2012.

  10. Not sure if you are talking to me. I am not pitching these domains. Smart Wallet has 1,300 exact searches per month and Mobile Deposit has 880 exact searches and this market is just beginning. Have you looked into QR codes or mobile payments? These markets will be connected and work together. Read some articles on it. Educate yourself. An investment in education pays the best interest.


  11. Definitely some “headshakers” and “headscratchers” in the comment section. (Uzoma- you acquisition strategy truly intrigues me) : )

    Elliot- I’m calling bullfuckingshit on yo mona too. Sounds like a braggart trollface who defines “bank” as $50k. Why shit on people, to make yourself feel better about 800+ (probably sub-par) acquisitions this year? I could be wrong, I’m a show me kinda guy. I beg you to start a blog, share your master wisdom and show proof. Please do it when you can get some time from MAKING BANK. You need to back up a pompous statement like that. Maybe consider not making it at all, but who am I to judge?

    Elliot, next to “like” and “dislike”, add “troll” so people can vote on that! LOL. If it gets to 10 votes, the commenter gets blacklisted! Love that idea.

    Moving on, I closed the year with:

    Wishing all the humble domainers a healthy and wealthy 2013!

    • Haha! Really, most we resort to name calling of such an extreme nature? You already know that “I Make Bank(tm)” so I would be unfazed by such low brow language.

      Actually, I’ve been meaning to start up a blog to disseminate the “big juice” as they say…but you must understand that I’ve been so busy making bank all year long to bother.

      But if you were to ask my opinion, ALL the domains that you “closed the year” with are…how shall I put this politely..CRAP. You you offered them to me for FREE, I would refuse. Maybe…maybe “JEWDY” has some comical value for a site for Jews but I wouldn’t be betting the farm house on it.

      Well, cheers! It’s 2013 and we are all living in an age of boundless opportunities. While I fashion myself as a “domain expert” and reserve the right to criticize people’s domain decisions with impunity, I will still value domainers as human beings and will not call you names.

    • Unfortunately, you buried yourself here by coming off as a pompous dickhead. Maybe I’m the lesser person for name calling, but when it’s deserved- it’s deserved, and you certainly deserve it. Sorry to be frank with you, but success (if you have even tasted it before) does breed douche, unfortunately, which you have proven here with your “I MAKE BANK” capitalized comments. Regardless of your opinion of my domain names, that’s the beauty of a blog and being a cave dwelling blog troll, you can share them. I may join Elliot with reporting the sales/monthly revenue- should it come to that. Probably not though, no need. Read Domain Shane’s post today, that’s why. There’s a few names for someone like you, Mr. Domain Expert. Low brow language is set aside for fools like you. You’re well spoken too, too bad you reek of douche.

      Get to that blog so we can all learn from you, I obviously need to. It’s all noise until you show and prove, and I have nothing to prove to you or anyone. Simply calling em’ as I see them, and unfortunately, you put yourself in the crosshairs tonight.

      Crap Domainer

    • Hello Mr. Bill Crosby,

      I enjoyed you back in the 80’s when you had that show of yours. The Huxtables!

      But really, seriously, you need to get out of the domain name game(tm) if you know what’s good for you. You’re basically just bloody pissing your money away on worthless names.

      I went to your “webname estate” site and can say with full authority that NO ONE will be interested in any of your names.

      Sorry to brake it to you but “domaining” is not your Thang, as we like to say it on the Western Coast of the United States.

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      That reply is disgusting. I don’t have to justify my business but I am doing fine thank you. Just starting my first year and learning huge amounts, especially from the intellectual folk on here and other venues.

      I hope you can do something about this toxicity. This is a business forum and to get such ‘name calling’ is so immature and pathetic.

      I don’t want to start judging but I would be concerned for your mental health.

      My reply was not meant to be personal, just a comment on the economic situation.

      “I make Bank” Why be so horrible and personal? It’s not good for karma, what goes around comes around.

    • Just add the Troll voting button, Elliot!

      It’s relevant to your blog, lots of trolls usually. Sad because lots of loyal readers and people with intellect who share thoughtful insight get sidetracked by jizzmonkeys like Mr. IMB…

    • OK, I’m aware that I have made a personal statement about mental health of the troll, and I apologise for that. Howard.

    • The best course of action is to ignore. I think that most of these trolls are unhappy with their businesses and/or lives, and they have an inflated sense of self worth. To feel good about themselves, they like to make others feel bad. It’s a sad existence, but I find that most of these people end up disappearing into thin air if you ignore them. There have been plenty of “regular” trolls who have come and gone, most likely realizing that commenting on blogs doesn’t end up helping them enough mentally, and certainly not financially.

      The sad thing is that this inflated sense of self worth prevents them from taking good advice from others because they think the way they do things is best.

      There have been plenty of times a troll has told me off or said things about my domain investments, but I’ve been doing this full time for well over 5 years and my business is thriving.

  12. Still enjoying your great posts! My last domains for 2012 are:

  13. These were my 2012 acquisitions:

    As an aside whenever I hear someone say “Im making bank” I also think of Will ferrell in Step Brothers.

    Happy New Years Elliot!


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