Most Popular Corporate Domain Registrars

I was reading a transfer email from Moniker, which had the following statement: “Moniker has earned the business of many of the largest and most predominant customers in the Fortune 500 and domain space – including: Jupitermedia, Marchex, The NHL, Lions Gate Films, Major League Baseball, Mainstream Adverstising, Nokta, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and many others.”

I think it would be interesting to see where some of the largest companies register their domain names. Below is a list of companies and their domain registrar:

  • (Boston Red Sox) – CSC Corporate Domains
  • (Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) – Network Solutions
  • (Goldman Sachs) – Melbourne IT
  • (McDonalds) – Melbourne IT
  • (Microsoft) – Melbourne IT
  • (Google) – Mark Monitor
  • (Yahoo!)   – Mark Monitor
  • (Apple Computer) – Mark Monitor
  • (Oversee) –
  • (CVS Pharmacy) – Mark Monitor
  • (Disney) – Melbourne IT
  • (NBC) – CSC Corporate Domains
  • (CBS) – Mark Monitor
  • (National Football League) – Mark Monitor
  • (Best Buy) – Mark Monitor
  • (Citibank) – CSC Corporate Domains
  • (Sony Electronics) – CSC Corporate Domains
  • (Boston Celtics) – CSC Corporate Domains
  • (Twitter) – Network Solutions
  • (American International Group – Group NBT plc
  • (Baidu) –
  • (Stub Hub) – Network Solutions
  • (Exxon Mobil) – CSC Corporate Domains
  • (National Hockey League) – Moniker
  • (IAC) – Mark Monitor
  • (Sedo) – Internetwire Communications GMBH
  • (NameMedia) – DomainDiscover
  • ( – GoDaddy
  • (CCIN) – Moniker
  • (Bank of America) – Mark Monitor
  • (The Gap) – Mark Monitor
  • (Macy’s Department Stores) – Network Solutions
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I’ve always read on many domain forums that Moniker was great, but my experience with their customer service was annoying enough to make me not want to use them again.

    I tried to register a domain but I guess someone ended up registering before me; however, Moniker had already processed my payment (through Paypal). They sent me an email saying they could not register the domain on my name and refunded me the money. Well, the money minus the processing fee for using paypal. I thought it was unfair to be charged for something I didn’t get so I asked for the processing fee as well. Their rep replying saying the fee is non refundable. After a few emails exchanged she tells me that she will forward the complaint to a higher dept.

    Two months passes by and I didn’t hear from anyone at Moniker so I emailed the rep back asking for an update. She replied that nothing would be done. So asked for the remaining amount to be refunded back to my paypal account as I didn’t want to use the service again. Once again they could care less and just said that the money would stay at my Moniker account until I used for something and that they had the right to do that since it is on TC.

    So I’m really out of options and I will just have to hand the money to them by buying something else at Moniker. Just poor customer service in my opinion. I guess if they have all these big companies as their clients why would they care about the little guy right?


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