More UDRP Cases at WIPO in 2016 Than 2015


wipo-logoThere is still well over a month remaining in 2016, and it looks like there are more  UDRP filings this year at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) than there were last year for gTLD domain names (which includes .com, .net, .org, and the new extensions). WIPO is not the only UDRP provider, but I believe it is the largest provider.

The highest case number in 2015 was WIPO Case D2015-2378. That UDRP was for the, and the UDRP was denied. In 2016, the current highest case is WIPO Case D2016-2392. The latest UDRP was for six  new gTLD domain names with the “Michelin” keyword in them.  Looking through the case list links from the past several years, it looks like the highest I saw was 2012. During that year, the highest case number was  D2012-2549. My guess is that the number of UDRP filings at WIPO  will set a record this year based on the current rate of filings.

In my opinion (as someone who observes the UDRP filings), the biggest increase in UDRP filings has come from the new gTLD domain names, especially extensions that are very inexpensive to buy. Every day it seems like there are new UDRP filings for domain names with the new  extensions. I am still surprised that companies are willing to spend their fees on UDRP filings and lawyers but didn’t secure these domain names beforehand. I suppose it has been a learning process for all involved.

The trouble is that there is an endless supply of domain names to register, as evidenced by the huge .Top UDRP Facebook filed. Someone could easily go out and buy Facebook-Instagram-Likes-888.Top and the process could start all over again. This isn’t limited to the new extensions though, as someone could just as easily register those names in .com or an inexpensive ccTLD. There are quite a few new domain name registries pricing their domain names very inexpensively.

Although I believe there will be  more UDRP filings this year, this doesn’t take other UDRP providers into account. It is possible that UDRPs that may have been filed at other venues were filed with WIPO, skewing the numbers.

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