Moniker Still Top Live Auction House


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogI read Mike’s post this afternoon, and it hit home because I made some comments about Moniker’s position as live auction leader.   Before the final lists and reserve prices were released, I said I think the multi-auction format “is going to change the landscape of the live domain auction industry as upstarts try to dethrone the industry leader.   This can only bring good things for domain buyers and sellers.” I didn’t root against them nor did I hope to see them fail, as some others might have done on various domain forums (I know Mike isn’t referring to me, but I wanted to clarify).
I think Monte and his team at Moniker did a tremendous job of bringing great names to auction at great prices.   I think the competition brought the best out in everyone, and we saw some strength during difficult times.   Moniker’s auction helped allay some personal worries about the state of the domain industry, and they helped bring liquidity to the domain market – you can’t really pay your hosting and other bills with domain names. The auctioneer was great, and he kept things moving, which is important with an auction with many lots.
When the multi-auction format was announced, I also wrote that I thought “a new industry auction leader (would be) anointed.”   While Rick did have a strong first showing, Moniker had a much better result than I expected.   Yom Kippur is just around the corner – mea culpa. I apologize for doubting Moniker, and I also congratulate them, Rick Latona, and for their successes last week in New York.
Competition usually brings out the best in everyone.   I believe all of the auctions achieved their main goals and were successful.   I credit much of this to the determination of the 3 auction houses to bringing the best domain names at the best prices to market.   Moniker still reigns as the leading live domain auction, and I can only hope the competition will help bring continued liquidity to the domain marketplace.

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  1. i agree, competition is good for the industry – it will enhance transparency and lower fees (at least that’s the idea) – but i don’t think competition brings liquidity – it just provides an efficient meeting place for buyers and sellers – more stockbrokers don’t bring more liquidity to the stock market.

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