Moniker Live Auction List is Fantastic


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogMike Berkens just posted the tentative Moniker Live Auction list for the TRAFFIC show in New York on his blog, and the list has some incredible domain names. I don’t remember seeing a better live auction list before, and if the reserve prices are reasonable, this could set a new record. Hopefully Moniker is busy emailing potential end users about the domain names in auction, and let’s hope some of these prospects bid!

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  1. Great names as usual…
    The to be determined variable is the reserves on the names.
    Everyone knows there is a slowdown in PPC. Are domain investors going to buy these names for top dollar to sit on and maybe develop, maybe PPC recovers, maybe an end user comes with an offer? Who knows….
    Some of these names have been in previous auctions and did not sell. I do not believe for one second that the serious investor just “missed” the opportunity at these other auctions.
    These reserves on the some of the names are TOO HIGH and in order for this not to be another PASS auction Moniker needs to get domain sellers expectations and reserves inline with REALITY.
    Another interesting thing is Frank Schilling has listed…that name is a 1st time listing and should be interesting.

  2. The widespread adoption of ad blocking and growing ‘closed networks’ like Facebook is killing the traditional PPC model. Purchasing any of these domains on the hope PPC “recovers” is a big gamble.

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