Moniker Email Attachments Not Working on Mac Mail


When I am transferring domain names from another registrar to Moniker, I receive a status report email every morning with an update about the progress of each domain name. The email contains the following information to let me know if there are any troubles with the transfer:

Please open our attachment for a list of the domains that are being transfered into Moniker.
If your domain does not have a SUCCESS or TRANSFER-PENDING status your domain is most likely locked.
Please address those issues with the registrar where your domain is.
Names with a status of SUCCESS are in your account now.

Common Status Codes
SUCCESS – Transfer has completed.
TRANSFER-PENDING – Domain has been submitted for transfer and is pending completion.
552 – Domain is locked or transfer status prohibits transfer please contact your registrar.

It’s an important email since it lets me know if I need to reinitiate a transfer or look into problems with the transfer. Unfortunately, the email never appears to have an attachment when I open it in my MacBook’s MacMail program. I do know there is an attachment, as I can access it from my Blackberry, but for some reason, it doesn’t work with my MacBook.

I’ve known about this issue for so long, I’ve gotten use to the work around and haven’t thought about it until someone else brought it up to me. This person mentioned that he reported it to Moniker, and I recall reporting it as well, a long time ago. It hasn’t been rectified.

Perhaps Oversee can fix this so I don’t have to rely on my Blackberry to read my attachment, especially since the email usually arrives at 2am, and I often forget to even check on the status report.


  1. Its the same here on a real computer, running with Windows XP. Just 2 days ago I also received this “please open our attachment”-email with no attachment inside. 🙁

    But wait:

    the attachment is no attachment. It is inside the email and I can view it by switching from “html view” to “text view”.

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