Mike Mann Sells CryptoWorld.com via Sedo for $194,888

According to a tweet from Sedo broker Dave Evanson, Mike Mann sold the CryptoWorld.com domain name for $194,888 via Sedo:

It looks like Mike Mann’s company has owned this domain name since late 2011, according to DomainTools Whois history tool. While I don’t know what Mike’s company paid to buy the domain name, NameBio recorded that this domain name sold in 2006 for just $485.

The Whois information is currently showing Sedo’s escrow account, which means the buyer has paid for the domain name but the domain name has not yet transferred. It also means that we do not yet know who acquired the domain name or how it will be used going forward.

When I was doing a Whois history search, I saw that Screenshots.com has an archived screenshot of CryptoWorld.com. It looks like as recently as June of 2017 the domain name was priced at $29,888!Β I think the sale is evidence of two things: the cryptocurrency domain name market is on fire right now, and if you price your domain names at extremely high levels, sometimes you’ll close an awesome deal.

This sale is likely going to be one of the top public domain name sales of 2018. Had it been closed last year, it would have ranked in the top 30 of DNJournal’s public domain name sales for 2017.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Great sale. Looks like Mike had it listed at an even lower price of $9,888 at the end of 2016. He said he picked it up in November 2011 for just $15. Namebio appears to have just one publicly listed domain sale which sold at a higher price that contains either ‘Crypto’ or ‘World’ & that is MyWorld.com at $1.2 million which sold in October 2017.

    • Seller got a great deal, Buyer got an even better deal!

      FYI: The seller actually had CryptoWorld.com listed for sale just under $1 million, at $994,888 USD.

      How many Crypto Millionaires and Crypto Billionaires would want to own CryptoWorld.com?

      Almost certainly all of them. I know many in the Crypto World would now have paid a lot more for this Crypto domain name. If they had all been notified CryptoWorld.com was up for sale and went to auction it would have almost certainly reached $1 million.

      $194,888 is small change…

      Congratulations for both buyer & seller! πŸ™‚

    • “How many Crypto Millionaires and Crypto Billionaires would want to own CryptoWorld.com?”
      The answer is … NONE …
      Your pro-crypto-currencies marketing stunts are ridiculous …

    • Well, your answer is … NONE …

      How many Crypto Millionaires and Crypto Billionaires do you know?

      Might be why YOUR answer is: > NONE <

      I spoke to a handful of Crypto Millionaires, a Crypto Billionaire and many others in the Crypto World about this Crypto Domain sale. They were not aware this highly prized asset was for sale. Everyone in the Crypto World I spoke to admitted they would like to own this unique Crypto Domain. When asked how much they would have paid, most Crypto Investors would have actually paid more.

      CryptoWorld.com for only $194,888 was a bargain!

      Crypto Domains are highly desirable in the Crypto World. Crypto Investors understand Crypto Domains have a unique digital scarcity & digital utility, even more so than Cryptocurrency itself, and they understand this more than anyone… even more than some domain investors.

      There will only ever be 1 CryptoWorld.com. Compare this highly desirable one-of-a-kind Crypto Domain Asset to 21 Million Bitcoins, and you can understand why CryptoWorld.com is worth a large multiple of 1 Bitcoin.

      Every Crypto Millionaire and Crypto Billionaire, plus millions of Crypto Investors, startups & businesses will need a unique highly deasirable Crypto Domain Asset. There will be many more Crypto Domains selling for six figures…

  2. If the sale is legitimate, buyer has just wasted a LOT of money … that’s fools money at its worst …
    IMHO that’s a great price for the seller (congrats to MM), but horrible for the buyer.
    Good luck!, buyer will need it when crypto-currencies Ponzi scheme will collapse, just wait and see … πŸ™‚

    • Money laundry, money used buy terrorists, drug dealers, black market, dark web, illegal gun market etc. That is why crypto currency exists.

    • @Andrea Paladini – It is obvious to everyone here that you have missed Bitcoin, Crypto AND Crypto Domains… Now all you can do is Hate and call it a ‘Scam’


    • @ You LOSERS don’t have a clue! CASH is used for money laundering and at a far higher percentage than Crypto. Terrorists, drug dealers, drug dealers, criminals all use CASH!

      The Governments that govern you create and finance Terrorists.

      The World’s Biggest Banks that you bank with and trust are all guilty of fraud and money laundering for criminals & drug cartels.

      WAKE UP!

  3. The buyer most likely made a fortune in the cryptocurrency market, or has investor backing. Trading BTC/ETH/LTC and alt coins involves billions of dollars at the exchanges. Investors and bots trade 24/7 just like Forex.

    Good to see Mike adjusting his pricing upwards, by reviewing his domain portfolio. BIN pricing can leave a lot of money on the table.

    • As far as I know, many “buyers” of crypto-currency names are actually scammers, who use them to set up fake “crypto” trading places to siphon people money …

      “Trading BTC/ETH/LTC and alt coins involves billions of dollars at the exchanges. Investors and bots trade 24/7 just like Forex.”
      Haha, no offense, but that’s how would write a guy posing as a would-be financial expert …
      A web and graphic developer turned would-be “domain expert”, now also would-be financial pro … LOL! πŸ™‚
      Mr noc@terrestrial.com, maybe you should focus more on your “falling” domain portfolio … https://whoisology.com/email/noc%40terrestrial.com/1

    • @ Andrea Paladini

      How many more years are you going to be graciously warning us about the the ‘dangers’ of investing in the $700,000,000,000 crypto market?

      Stop rationalizing about having missed the boat and spend time doing real research on these topics. There’s not a single financial services company that isn’t either already involved in the space, and drawing up plans to do so in 2018.

      You sound like the same people who would have screamed ‘short Amazon’ back in 1998, or 2001…or 2008…or 2011…or 2015…or 2017.

      Of course there are going to be winners and (even more) losers, but how is that different than stocks, commodities, or (more relevantly) art?

    • @ anonymous “Gene”
      I always do my own due diligence, my own research, I know what I’m talking about.
      So please stop your ridiculous marketing BS … it doesn’t work with me.
      I don’t like scammers and all those helping them.
      Good luck! πŸ™‚

    • P.S.
      I don’t invest in scams or “bubbles”, so I didn’t miss any boat.
      I’m well informed about crypto-currencies, that’s why I avoid them.
      Unfortunately you are talking to a financial professional (20+ years in the financial mkts), so save your marketing BS and lies for someone else … as I said before, that doesn’t work with me.
      Cheers! πŸ™‚

    • Andrea, you are a hundred times worse than me with this naysaying and ranting and raving.

      And Acro has been into financial trading for what would amount to many years now, or at least he used to be, at least Forex and perhaps more than that. For Forex you might even say he used to be a “pro” and maybe still is.

    • Being into “financial trading” or Forex as an “amateur” or daily trader does NOT make you a financial professional. There is a huge difference. Many are into that, with mixed results.
      I had already noticed that TechCruch article, thanks.

    • Unfortunately for you, I’ve been analyzing high-tech sectors and companies since the early 90s …
      What I attack are scammers and their “affiliates” BS marketers like you …

    • Alluring people to easily and quickly becoming millionaires (on paper) is typical of scams … and the same is true for all those people promoting investment in crypto-currencies, it’s typical of a pyramid scheme …
      Sorry dude, those BS don’t work with me.

    • “Unfortunately for you, IΒ’ve been analyzing high-tech sectors and companies since the early 90s Β…”

      Yet you somehow managed to miss the biggest asset price increase in the history of mankind (bigger than the dutch tulip bubble and far bigger than the .com bubble)?? The increase of BTC from one cent to where it is today happened over a span of 8 years and you completely missed it? I mean I almost can’t believe how you label yourself an analyst and than just plain miss blockchain technology and BTC.. Even if you concluded in 2010 that BTC and crypto is a scam, why not being opportunistic and ride the wave? Why not getting rich?

      Sorry man, but you just sound so incredibly bitter here.

    • As I said before, I don’t invest in scams … so stop your ridiculous marketing stunt …
      I don’t have time to waste with crypto-shits peddler like you …
      Good luck! πŸ™‚

    • “I donΒ’t have time to waste with crypto-shits peddler like you Β…”

      what are you up to then, Andrea? Analyzing some tech companies?

    • “Unlike you, IΒ’m an investment professional.”

      No you’re not. If you would be an investment professional, you’d know that being too early or too late in a trade is the same as being wrong. And even then, most investment “professionals” were wrong in 1999, they were wrong in 1929, 1987 and in 2008. They are not immune to bubbles, or immune against wrong decisions and bets. Investment “professionals” bought Enron, they invested in Lehman Brothers, they put stocks like Worldcom on conviction-buy lists and chased their clients into subprime paper.. You made wrong decisions on your way as did everyone else, and the very fact that you wrote almost 20 comments under this posting since yesterdays shows me that you have indeed a lot of time to waste.

  4. Congratulations to Mike and the buyer for a great transaction. By the Grace of God,our company sold Crytorate.com last year for a BIN price of $99,888.00 at Godaddy Premium Listings. It seems that buyers want crypto names for now.

  5. Anyone had a look at Cryptorate.com WHOIS (not Crytorate.com, a “p” was missing), sold for $99,888 … does it ring any bell? πŸ™‚

    Domain Name: CRYPTORATE.COM

    Registry Admin ID:
    Admin Name: Zayed AlNehayan
    Admin Organization: none
    Admin Street: PO box 225
    Admin City: abu dabi
    Admin State/Province: N/A
    Admin Postal Code: PO Box 225
    Admin Country: AE
    Admin Phone: +971.7500000044
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email: zayeds@live.com
    Registry Tech ID:
    Tech Name: Zayed AlNehayan
    Tech Organization: none
    Tech Street: PO box 225
    Tech City: abu dabi
    Tech State/Province: N/A
    Tech Postal Code: PO Box 225
    Tech Country: AE
    Tech Phone: +971.7500000044
    Tech Phone Ext:
    Tech Fax:
    Tech Fax Ext:
    Tech Email: zayeds@live.com

    >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-01-15T23:00:00Z <<<

    • Thanks Andrea,
      The market is telling us something. If any representative from Godaddy is reading this, will you please verify that the following happened?

      Best regards,

      Jared Nyaberi.

      ——– Original Message ——–
      Subject: Your Premium Listing Just Sold
      From: GoDaddy
      Date: Mon, October 09, 2017 11:28 am
      To: admin@foundationdomains.com

      24/7 Support: +1 (480) 505-8877

      Congratulations! Your premium listing just sold!

      Dear Jared Nyaberi,

      Congratulations! Your Premium Listings domain has sold!

      Domain: CRYPTORATE.COM
      Date Sold: October 09, 2017
      Listing Price: $99,888.00

      For current commission rates, please click here.

      For more information on viewing your Premium Listings, click here.


      P.S. Did you know we offer a number of payment options for your Premium Listings?
      Click here for more information.

      Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered.

      Copyright Β© 1999-2017 GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. 14455 N. Hayden Rd, Ste. 219, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA. All rights reserved.

  6. This is another domain owned by the same buyer of Cryptorate.com … see below the WHOIS …
    No bells ringing yet? πŸ™‚
    BTW, 5 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5EW, is a property currently listed for rent …


    Registry Admin ID:
    Admin Name: Zayed AlNehayan
    Admin Organization: none
    Admin Street: 5 Hyde Park Gate
    Admin City: London
    Admin State/Province: N/A
    Admin Postal Code: SW7 5EW
    Admin Country: UK
    Admin Phone: +44.7500000044
    Admin Phone Ext:
    Admin Fax:
    Admin Fax Ext:
    Admin Email: zayeds@live.com
    Registry Tech ID:
    Tech Name: Zayed AlNehayan
    Tech Organization: none
    Tech Street: 5 Hyde Park Gate
    Tech City: London
    Tech State/Province: N/A
    Tech Postal Code: SW7 5EW
    Tech Country: UK
    Tech Phone: +44.7500000044
    Tech Phone Ext:
    Tech Fax:
    Tech Fax Ext:
    Tech Email: zayeds@live.com
    DNSSEC: unsigned

    >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2018-01-16T0:00:00Z <<<

  7. Mike learned a long time ago, charge what the market will bear.

    It does not matter what he had it listed at 1-2-3 yrs ago.
    We all change our prices from time to time.


    • Aside from just being interesting, the importance of discussing the price adjustment matters from a domain investor standpoint.

      $185k difference in pricing in just over a year because market conditions changed drastically. Sure, most investors know they should review their pricing, but it could be a wake-up call for others and may nudge some into reviewing their buy-now pricing more frequently.

  8. Brilliant sale for Michael Mann — he gets top price.

    Check in NamePros for laughs — vultures and bottom feeders requesting short CRYPTO .com domains for the generous offer of up to 250 USD per domain? Maybe they would have offered Michael 500 for CryptoWorld.com and 350 for CryptoRate.com

    CryptoWorld.com is worth 195 K
    CryptoRate.com is worth 100 K

    Eth, Coin, BTC, Bitcoin, BCash, Crypto, ICO will continue to sell. We’ve sold 7 in the last month.

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